And the Black Screen Said… – Anno.Domini.144K Interpretation by Ezekiel 3:11

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And the Black Screen Said… – Anno.Domini.144K Interpretation by Ezekiel 3:11

December 20, 2022 10:07 AM
Ezekiel 3:11

I read the black screen said, post by ano.domini144k

The “screen” is the “eternal damnation”. Not the people and the students behind it.

It is the image of the beast. It’s number in hebrew is vav, vav, vav. 666 in hebrew or www alphabetically. Worship is anything you give your voluntary observance to. How much time do we spend on the internet versus how much time do we spend in prayer, praise, and worship?
It is in our hands, “works” it is in our heads “minds” it’s extremely addictive. Algorithms etc… is the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And even if we do good on it… it’s the wrong tree. I’m preaching to myself as well. Jesus is the tree of life and we need to chose life. Equal time doesn’t count…

I look at prophesy, watch Christian videos. I also shop on line dream about what I want for my self and others. In revelations 13 Jesus said “ALL” ALL WOULD RECIEVE THE MARK. and incase you didn’t believe him…. he labors it out. Rich, poor, Free. Slave. All.

I asked him one time about the mark In 2016 and he gave me a waking Vision of an I phone.
While many are looking for a chip and a brain implant to be forced upon us… We have fallen for the deception. We justify it as part of our daily life. It’s necessary.
Baal molech were all gods of prosperity, success and “stuff”.

My aim, and I am the weakest person I know… is to stop it with the internet this coming year. I don’t want to feed my flesh flesh flesh. (www) The truth is I do… but I’m asking God to give me the grace to stop.

The warnings and dreams are great but we need to understand them and find a way to obey them.
Praying that God would knit his body together in the secret place. That we would be one with eachother and with him as he is one with the father.



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