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An International Coup – Caroline Diadem

An International Coup

October 31, 2020 4:42 AM
Caroline Diadem

Prophesy received on 28th April 2020

Political Suicide. When will the Linch pin be pulled. It is a coup against the president, against democracy. They are making him look weak. When will they remove the Linch pin and how? (To let the President Trump fall) Is it a set up to make him fall so hard in front of the nation, so they can be the heroes and introduce their evil agenda? Is democracy truly finished, all that we fought for? Is our constitution ended? The freedoms and human rights that were given to us? Is this how we fall into the devil’s evil hands?

The communism we despised and rejected for so many decades, we fought wars against it and now do we want to embrace it?

It is coming people, Trump is riding on a horse that he can not control. When will the horse buck him, it is sure to happen. They surely have a plan up their sleeve to buck him off that horse and dethrone him. It will certainly be to make themselves look good, you can be sure friends, fellow soldiers, we are at spiritual war. They have everything set in place my soldier friends, those of you who are spiritual, take your place, do not engage in what they engage in, keep your eyes focused on the Lord, He will guide you through. There will be much confusion, there is already now. It is a strategy of the evil one, but the confusion will intensify, make sure you are on the right team with your bible open! Events will unfold to surprise you, to shock you, oh yes they love their shock factor. They want the country to fall apart. They will make sure it does. They plant their evil factions (I see Obama’s face) I believe he is heralding in some of this. A make shift drama. They won’t allow their plans to fail this time, they have their opportunity to get it right.

They are tyrants, running for illegitimate power. Oh they plan to illuminate the masses, does not this just sound like them. Be ready my ones, for treachery, it comes from liars, conniving thieves for power, lust for gain for illegitimate control. Look who has bought into it. Look at them brazingly taking their place!

Nancy polansky – do not trust her, those pushing against the president are the henchmen for this new world order. Watch the divide it is coming a great divide in power. The evil tyrants will stir up the people, stir up the crowds. They are pushing a blockade against the president, he knows it too.

Their agenda failed in times past, but not this time. They are shrewd and have skilfully masterminded their plan for takeover.

Take caution my people, watch yourselves, stay pure, stay focused on me, come into your prayer closets, stay strong, trust me, I AM your rock at this time, I salute you my faithful ones, stay in tune with my father, with the Holy Spirit, do not become tarnished with the events about to unfold, come to me in the day of trouble, I will help you and be a refuge to you.

Riots, unrest, unruly, closed down, fires, shootings, looting, gangs, violence, new frontier, planned attacks, mounting forces, anger, blockades, spill over, vagabonds, pillaging, broken agreements, Mike Pence, dethroned power, overtake, privilege, mass insurrection, mass uprising. Things will not go easy.




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