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An extremely great tragedy and disaster to strike the USA (and NYC), WARNING! – JESUSisLORD


Dream from God: An extremely great tragedy and disaster to strike the USA (and NYC), WARNING!

July 13, 2020

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greetings and welcome my brothers and
sisters this is your brother Christopher
in this video I want to share a very
powerful an impacting dream that I
received this morning
on the 13th of July 2020 this dream was
very extreme this dream took me by
surprise and had a dream of this level
in quite some time and it was very
little to to tip me off that I was gonna
have any kind of dream like this it was
very little warning and when I was
sleeping I dreamt and I saw I saw what
looked like at first something on
television and my vision zoomed in to
what was on the television so that it I
was present on the scene and I heard the
words of professional television
announcer and he said waterwall and then
and then he said something very similar
to this very close to this it was he
said a tragedy so great it was never
disputed universally the worst disaster
that has ever happened and then
immediately after that I was on the
street looking up at a building in New
York City
and I saw to my left the peak of an
enormous tsunami and this was a very
traumatic dream actually
so tsunamis are one of those things that
actually are very difficult for me to
so I was on the ground level looking up
and on the street looking up at this
building and I saw the crest of a wave
it was like the very point of the top of
it it was curling over like a surf wave
but it was about it was like it was a
hundred meters tall it was at least ten
stories tall it was such a horror epic
feeling and just the ocean staring at
the ocean that is 100 meters tall
barreling down on you so the wave
crashed against the building my view
changed to experience I saw from the
back of the building as the water
completely enveloped like the about the
lower half of the building it was a very
tall building and I saw the water like
smashing windows pouring into the rooms
and I heard screams of people it was it
was really extreme and the dream it
slowed down the footage it was I was
there it was like I was there so it was
very extreme but it was some of it was
in slow-mo the scenes of devastation
lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds I had
my teeth clenched because it was so
Meeta witness I said when I saw that
wave at first I said my god have mercy
it was it it was extreme it was it was
traumatic it was actually quite horrific
so I saw yeah scenes of the destruction
of this wave for about 15 to 20 seconds
and then the dream ended and I woke up
there and I was very shocked it was a
very difficult dream showing of a very
difficult thing that is coming a
disaster so great and so devastating it
will be remembered as one of the worst
or if not the worst disaster in history
that was what the announcer on the
television was speaking of it so as if
they were recounting what had happened
that’s the worst disaster that ever
happened so such a tragedy so great it
was never disputed it was something like
that it was it was extreme it was
shocking that that tsunami the ocean was
100 metres tall it was about at least
ten storeys tall it there was no hope if
you were on the street if you were in
the path of that it was complete
devastation complete destruction and it
was very extreme so I am gonna share
this with you and that is what I
experienced now this dream is confirmed
by a dream God gave me believe it was
2017 I think and I have the video on my
channel where I saw another I saw the
same tsunami strike New York City I knew
I was in New York City and in that dream
which I’ll link below
I actually was standing in the street
but with my back to
large skyscraper building and I saw the
water coming down the street on either
side of me and it was very high but this
was way more traumatic because I saw the
crest of the wave when it first hit it
was so it was very terrible so this is a
great a terrible judgement that the Lord
will bring in the previous dream I had
the Lord told me prayers could lessen
the height of the wave but I do not
believe this will be averted
the people will not repent they refuse
to repent they refuse to turn to God to
repent of their sins God showed me twice
New York City being struck by this
enormous tsunami a New York City is
representative of the scene of America
of many different things even the laws
that they are passed over there are
indirect rebellion against God and God
will not be mocked his judgment is upon
us I don’t know when this is going to
happen but I’m certain that it will
happen this will be life-changing not
only for those in the United States
I thought everyone around the world it
will be considered as one of the worst
disasters that has ever happened I
believe that this tsunami will strike
and it will strike not only New York
City but the way a tsunami works if it
is from an undersea earthquake is that
it will send the tsunami 3 360 degrees
it will send a tsunami in every
direction so the entire East Coast could
be affected
now God gave me another word and I in a
dream also a vision which I shared of
God bringing an undersea earthquake off
the coast of North Carolina which would
go all the way to Cuba the tsunami I
believe this is the same thing this is
the same tsunami a giant earthquake it
will devastate the east coast of the
United States it will be a great
judgment on the United States for
forsaking the Lord for turning their
back against God for rejecting the ways
of Jesus Christ and Babylon who is the
United States and these prophetic
scripture of the Bible in Revelation
that will be judged and there is a
passage about Babylon having the ocean
cover her so I want to share this with
you this is very extreme this is going
to come God has also shown me of great
tsunamis to strike Melbourne Australia I
haven’t shared all of the dreams that
I’ve received about that yet but I will
I plan to so that’s what I wanted to
share with you and I forgot to say after
I received the dream and I was very
shocked and took a few moments and I
asked the Lord when when is this coming
and I saw a vision of a gate a big gate
a huge gate like a castle gate and then
I saw us lifting up lifting up and then
reached the top I believe that
unleashing a flood of judgments that
God’s judgment will come like the
releasing of flood gates as the water
pours out it will begin with not a
violent torrent and as that gate lifts
the water pressure and the flow will go
and it will get more and more extreme
until the gate is fully open and the
fullness of God’s judgment will be upon
the earth so what my interpretation from
that is that I believe there will be a
series of judgments before this great
cataclysm that will happen against the
United States against the East Coast
against New York City there will be
other judgments before that gate is
fully open but in the dream the gate did
not stop it went or it went from fully
closed all the way to fully open at the
same speed it did not stop it did not
pause so I believe that God in His mercy
will bring less severe judgments but
they will continue to grow more and more
severe and then this horrible calamity
is going to strike for my brothers and
sisters in Christ along the east coast
please pray to God about this if you are
in those areas when this comes millions
of people will die from this this is
very very extreme I don’t want you to be
in the path of that when it comes
please seek God and ask him what you
need to do and be receptive to him if he
tells you to get out of there okay and
my hope and prayer is that people repent
of their sins and believe in Jesus
Christ so
thank you for hearing me I pray that you
may come to the Lord Jesus Christ repent
of your sins and be born again and be
be delivered from the evil of this world
and come to the kingdom of God thank you
my brothers and sisters god bless you
and your families please share this with
others and warn them I believe this is
100% from God and it will happen please
be warned god bless you and your
families your brother in Christ


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