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An Encounter with God

June 1, 2020 8:21 AM
Watchman Marah

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ;

This morning June 1, 2020 as I was worshiping the Lord, I picked up my cell phone and opened YouTube and saw a Song “Alleluia”. So I opened it and listened to these people worship the Lord with their hands stretched up to Him. Singing together in the unity of His body and pouring out this song like a drink offering to God. I wondered then just how God felt when He heard these people.

Then suddenly I saw this crowd of people as through a telescopic lens looking down on them from God’s own perspective. And I felt His heart swell with love for them and Joy filled Him and tears started coming to my eyes. It was a very moving experience.
Brothers and Sisters, this experience showed me how much our sacrifice of praise and worship touches the heart of our Awesome God. How their coming into His presence together as His people moved Him emotionally and in this experience I felt an acknowledgment of every single person there being recognized by Him individually as well.
I encourage all of you to spend time in praise and worship not only when you are alone but with your children, with your family, with your friends and church. Whether alone or corporately honor our God with your sacrifices of praise because it moves the heart of God to compassion for us in these last days. It Blesses His heart like I never imagined it could. It serves us well to please Him especially when we are offering the sweet incense of our prayers to ascend to His throne room.

I was in His throne room only one time, when my sons were younger. I called them together for prayer and as I started to pray, I was caught up into heaven and I was standing in the midst of a huge body of believers, and we were all dressed in white, worshiping Him in His Throne room.

I began to lift my eyes to see my Lord, but could not look upon Him because of the brilliance of His countenance. My spirit man could look on Him, but the eyes of my physical body could not take the light of His Glory! I was still connected with my physical body. This was a deeply moving experience.

But when I came back to my body, I was completely resolved in the assurance that God is real. This experienced anchored me to the Rock of my salvation. Made me an unshakable witness to the Truth.

I want to encourage all of you that He sees you, He knows you, He loves you. And when you approach Him with genuine praise, worship, and love for Him, it moves Him like you could not believe. David wrote several psalms describing Gods response to His prayers. What God loved about David was he had a heart for God. And it moved God in answering his prayers and blessing him and delivering him from his enemies.

If He did that for David, He can do it for you. Where is your heart towards God? Think about it.

Your loving sister in Christ,
Watchman Marah

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