April 4, 2022 9:03 AM
Sammy Omosh
Psalm 147:14 He makes peace in your borders.

On 4th April2022 at 5.32am i see small flames of fire inside a building.Iam trapped trying to run away.I find myself at the back section of the storey floor at the apex of this tall building.From that vantage point i look down to see if i could jump,but that will be tatamount to doing a suicide/commando jump{the way you see in movies},given the number of foors in this building!Through a section of the window,i see a well built man with very big biceps,clad in a pair of short and a t-shirt,holding a horse pipe fighting the fire{i can equate him to those wrestlers you see on WWF eg Roman Reigns,John Cena etc.As iam struggling running to and fro,i know in a matter of minutes,i will hear a loud ka-boom sound and what i have warned you on this forum before{read even my last message}will finally happen.I finally find stairways{probably the Elevators will disfunction}and run downstairs until i reach the ground floor.Early this year i was shown two buildings earmarked by the terrorist{many people walk thro their doors daily.I have personally been inside these buildings before.}And from my exit position,i narrow it to one of these.I then meet 2 gentlemen and i hear them talk about yellow fever.

On 30th March2022 A man gives me a briefcase and it disappears in my hands on exit from a building.Later many personal belongings are unearthed from a rubble and the place is cordoned off completely.Remember my 2012 dream,in which i was strolling along Kenyatta Avenue when i heard the Cops shout ”There is no entering the City Center!” and remember the ”Go Home dream”.They may be interrelated.

On 31st March2022 I woke up at 4am from a dream-vision in which i saw Raila{Baba} confering/conversing with former3rd president Stanley Emilio Mwai Kibaki.The latter called me to where he was and told me to do an Errand for him.The Ex president has been and is ailing and not in sound heaith at age 90.

I remember during his Presidency,he Mr Kibaki was scheduled to address a meeting in the area where i was working then.We were all seated in the Presidential Dias in the stadium by midday waiting for him to come from the District Commisioner,s house,where he was hosted.It was not until 4pm when he arrived.I was later told what happened to him from a source.His personal Doc,a heart specialist probably was flown in to attend to him.Due to what happened,he spend the night at the said house,coz there was no state lodge then.I was personally in the team of giving the house a facelift{refurbishment} coz according to the itinerarry this was a first stop in his visit.After this incidence,a few years later i heard by voice while asleep,the following statement-”Kibaki should come to me”.

NB:There was an attack on Agwambo,s chopper{Helicopter} by rowdy youth on 2/4/22.They threw stones and one stone found it,s way inside the chopper through a wind screen.I saw in a dream on 18/12/21 of people throwing stones to a tent allied to the Govt and i said more stone throwing sessions are coming in this season of electioneering.Now here it is being fulfilled!

Iam happy and give God the glory that these messages are finding their way to higher offices in the land and relevant people.So nobody will say they were left out.The man with big biceps is nevertheless a heavenly host!The judgments coming will be less severe,depending on how everybody play their roles.In Nineveh,even livestock fasted for 3 days including the king and 120000 citizens!The destruction was thwarted [put on hold/cancelled] due to humility and repentance. Did Jonah,s prophecy failed?Absolutely NO. It was CONDITIONAL. Kenya if we play our roles right,who knows what Yahweh can do?I will be the most happy person and i will not SULK because of prophecies failing to happen. Read jonah3:1-10 God can relent on the disasters HE HAS PLANNED.OR ALLOWS THE ENEMY TO CARRY OUT.

2Thessalonians3:16Now may the Lord of Peace Himself give you peace at all times in every way.The Lord be with you all.

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