An Answer….. – Jeff Andrew


An Answer…..

November 7, 2021 7:10 PM
Jeff Andrew

I had been praying for over a week for future employment options. I wanted to position myself, by either changing employment or up-skilling in my current job, to benefit the Lords work prior to his return. I also wanted to address some of the key concerns I thought might be detrimental to serving the Lord here on Earth – Pride being one of them. But neither did I want to move on if the Lord wanted me to witness to my colleagues in my current role.
Thursday night (4th November) I had turned in earlier than I normally do for bed (1100pm as opposed to midnight) – I was soon engaged in a dream that really did get my attention. It was in the form of a long journey through places I was familiar. In some case the locations had features that were exaggerated but my spirit seemed to know where we were. The dream concluded at a house/villa where a large party was being thrown. The last scene depicted a small group of partygoers (some of whom were work colleagues) gathering outside while a patron was leaving. As we were watching, the strangest and most startling event overtook me – a voice from behind me (my spirit knew it was the Lords msg – but I didn’t recognise the voice) said “there is no time for anything else”. I knew immediately this was linked to my prayer request of the last week or so. I’m unsure the precise relevance of timeframes, I was seeking to change employment before years, but I will be seeking clarity from the Lord.

As always, request you seek discernment with the Lord.

God Bless you all



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