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March 30, 2022 10:17 AM
Anonymous One

The time of reckoning is coming upon all men. My Chosen Army who have walked with Me and sought Me each day will have the best days ahead of them. Those who go their own way disregarding Me will experience great hardship. Many of My children will require more chastening in order to refine them. They have been lazy seeking earthly pleasures. As in the days of Noah, the people did not realize the day or hour they lived in; so blinded by their own lusts, wilful ignorance-desiring not to hear the truth. It came upon them suddenly and suddenly it will come again.

The days are wicked yet many see it not; most still relying on man to cure the ills of a fallen nation who has given themselves over to the master they pursue. They live in UNBELIEF that I AM the I AM and the ills of this nation and around the globe are spiritual in nature-sin after sin after sin! Do you not see how even the earth groans as the blood of the innocent cry out to Me? I am coming soon to avenge My children!!

As the world watches America’s great fall many hearts will turn back to me. I AM is the only option! Man cannot fix what is already beyond repair. America, your covenant with Me you have broken as you have made a blood covenant with your lucifer (satan). You have sealed your own demise and will lie in the beds you have made for yourselves. Destruction shall fall upon the wicked for your sins against a Holy God! Sadly, the innocent ones always pay the price for the deeds of the wicked.

This hour is crucial to get your hearts aligned with Me for this nation is in critical condition and death comes to a nation who opposes Me, My laws, My statutes and My judgments! You have NO power over me America! You do not decide. I decide what is and what is not to be! I am allowing this nation to fall; you will no longer prosper! You are pompous fools void of all understanding; your consciences seared. Who created you? Who made you kings? Who sees all? He who made the eye does He not see what you do, He who made the ear does He not hear what you discuss behind closed doors. (Psalms 94:9) You are fools, the whole kitten caboodle of you!!! Do you think you can escape My judgment upon you? You have been weighed and measured and found wanting. (Daniel 5:27 TEKEL) Your cries I shall not hear and will laugh at your calamity!

To all who desire to follow after the beast, you too, are under My wrath to come. For those who do not know me, it is time to evaluate your life – is a temporary pleasure worth sacrificing your soul to eternal damnation? For all who do not believe I exist, you are about to see just how real I truly am. To those who pray to rocks, trees, oceans, volcanoes, carved images of animals and to all your false gods tell Me in the days coming how they will rescue you when they cannot walk, see, hear or speak? (Isaiah 44:8-10; Exodus 20:3-5; Psalms 135:15-18) I will only listen to the cries of the truly repentant. I will not deny a contrite heart.

This is the time of year when many are planning vacations and fun activities who have no interest in seeking My face nor wanting me in their lives. Your vacations are about to be interrupted. The fun times are over. Hardships will be the mainstay. The New World Order (NWO) you embrace will either enslave you or exterminate you – to these globalists you are a burden and must be removed or enslave yourselves to their Beast System and take the mark. You have heard the number. It is the number of a man, Six Six Six (666). You will be required soon to take his mark in your right hand or forehead. (Revelation 13:16-18) All the things so far they do have been getting you ready to accept him, the Anti-Christ, his cashless society, his green peace deal and his sustainable solutions. Their plan is to sustain themselves. You, my people, are not in their grand design.

The prognosis is death to a nation that has rejected me. You do not remove Me. I remove. I give. I take. You are no longer blessed: a cursed nation-a nation full of hyprocrisy, lies, abominations, murders, lawlessness and every sort of evil one can conjure up! My judgments stand and I am done with a nation who has the audacity to defile My sanctuary as you fornicate with the Great Whore. Your days are coming to a close.

My children who repent, accept Me as Lord and Savior I will heal you and bring you home to me shortly. You will rejoice for you too will be saved. I am merciful and as I send My Great Army of vessels out you will see just how loving I have always been. These are now the days when all will see the difference between who I am and realize who satan is. He has kept himself hidden for generations and convinced many of you to believe he does not exist and to those who practice witchcraft he has convinced you he is the good god and that I need to be thrown off My throne. Let us see who wins this final war shall we? Games are over, the players are in place and what is coming is about to commence. Are you ready? Are you sure? Remember children who died on the cross and already won this war. I never lose and even though it may look like evil is winning, I can assure you he will not win! I am the beginning and the end. I know the end from the beginning. I am coming with miracles and healings and when my chosen vessels gather the harvest, then the end shall come. It is closer then you believe. Come out from under your unbelief, from dancing with the devil, from believing your government leaders are for you, from believing the NWO is for your benefit.

Children, children, children! It is time, it is time, it is time! Get your spiritual house in order for when this starts you will be in complete shock and turmoil. This rollercoaster ride will continue until there is nothing left to America. The eighth king is about to arise. He is already using his puppets as they have been putting his agenda in place. (Rev. 17:10-11) He has never left. Seek me for your answers. Do not test me for you will lose.

Enjoy the last days of quiet for in an instant it is all about to change and go into a freefall. I love you! The more important question is will you love Me then as it all falls?

I, the Lord, have spoken.

I am Yahushua (Jesus), King of Kings, who manifested in the flesh to save the souls of men.

Hosea 4:6-14; Daniel 11:33-45


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