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America’s Freedom – Terry Crockett

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America’s Freedom

February 22, 2023 2:57 PM
Terry Crockett

A Trumpet blows Holy Vibrations echoing the sound of ‘freedom’ throughout the land as Angelic Trumpeters gather side by side, playing the “King’s Proclamation”.

America the time of your ‘freedom’ has come. Your stripes and stars shall be raised again in a in a time of the Lord’s Devine favor and Restoration. In one hour — fulfillment will come.

A nation lies defeated at My feet barely breathing and is at the point of death. Her strength gone, as she gathers at the feet of her God. (From the war with China and Russia Invasion)

Seeing her weakness, I take hold of her hand causing her to rise and stand, breathing into her lungs and declare ‘Live’! A new America under My Wings birthed and made alive, filled with My Grace and Pleasure.

Nations have been brought before Me in an hour of decision. I divide and separate bringing some to My Right while other remain to My left. I judge in Righteousness, purify and make Holy by the Precious Blood of Christ. A time of judgment begins shortly as the world is brought under My Command and Rule.

Signs in the Heavens

Shake O’ Earth for a Holy Visitation is coming and your departure is near. Shudder and quiver at the Presence of the Holy One who makes all things new, removing evil from its place, for Redemption is upon you and the hour of the Lord’s Return is imminent.

Let the stars depart and bow giving place to the Holy One, for a time of ‘letting go’ is underway.

Signs shower above confirming the Lord’s intention, “A King is on His way”! I see a split in the Heavens ripping Time and Space preparing for “The Arrival”. Heaven quivering becoming unstable at His Presence as Stars depart leaving their post, Time splits, gaps now appear, light seen as if something hidden has been exposed. Heaven rocks and reels — something has been disturbed, something that’s always been — has changed. The forbidden has been exposed, for the Heavens declare, “I’m Coming”!

Keep watch above. — Sign galore!


Romans 3:23; Romans 3:25. The word redemption implies a price paid for those who are set at liberty: the price is the blood of Christ; that blood a sacrifice; Biblehub

Thank you for your consideration in posting this word,
Terry Crockett

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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