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America’s Fate – Cassandra B

America’s Fate

December 30, 2020 10:00 AM
Cassandra B

December 21st I received this word in prayer with the Lord and I received a vision.

The Lord stood me in front of a desert wasteland and he said do you see this wasteland, America will become a desert wasteland just as my word says she will become a haunt of jackels. He then said the waters will be poision the land a wasteland of nuclear waste radiation all over it. He then told me some people will flee and save their lives by leaving on boats but many will die.

He also told me in the mist of destruction his door will open and his faithful people will not endure this great suffering they will be taken to another dwelling and all things will be made new for them. He will make way through the judgments just as he has biblically for his faithful holy people. Many will endure this terrible times ahead because they would not heed the Lords calling to repent.

He showed me a division where many have already been marked for wrath and destruction unless they repent and then he showed me another group whom his grace will be upon. There is no reversing Gods judgment on America it is in his word and shall come to pass. He also told me we are at the turning point and now comes the destruction.

Please spend time in prayer and seek the LORD for confirmation of all things.

Scripture Ezekiel 9, Jeremiah 51

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