America, Famine

America’s Dearth – Robert Holm

America’s Dearth

Jul 14, 2019, 10:05 AM
Robert Holm

In this dream received July 14th 2019, I was somewhere in the middle of the country (America) where there was a famine. The people in the town had set up makeshift sidewalk canteens to feed people.

There was little food to spare, no electricity nor running water. What I also noticed is that there were no pets and there were no toddlers and babies. The Spirit then led me to realize that cannibalism was also taking place and people were eating their pets and children. So my company and I left that town and drove several hours to another town where things were the same.

Along the way our car was pounced upon several times by people who were looking for people to eat. We finally got to another town where we were rescued, fed and safely kept by the people living there.

The dream ended.


A famine is coming to all of America: a famine for food. During this famine people will eat their pets and resort to cannibalism. There’ll be no electricity or running water and those people who are not in Christ will have to fight to survive. Those in Christ Jesus will be sheltered and provided for by our Heavenly Father.

by Robert Holm


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