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Americans, Repent while you still can!! – Kevin C.

Americans, Repent while you still can!!

Jan 8, 2020 10:37 PM
Kevin C.


It is still January the 8th. 10:30 pm

As I was praying and seeking my Fathers face for mercy, God Spoke to me and said

“ I have not appointed my people to My wrath, but the judgement alone that will come on every American is more than any other nation or people has ever faced.”

Judgement will begin with the house of God.

God showed me in visual pictures as He talked to me of babies by the thousands everyday ripped from their mother’s wombs in America. Little children ripped apart while alive and their little bodies sold on the markets of the world and even the universe. ( Apparently these people doing this are so cruel, they won’t even kill the child first before doing this) God said America is one of the main locations of the World for this behavior to children. He said if their not ripped apart then they are sold into sex slaves markets all over the world even Mars. Teenagers kidnapped all over America, and tortured and beaten in underground cages all over America. Used for sacrifice and sexual perversion.

All of this is going on and much much more, while America and it’s people stand in silence!!
The Lord said

“ Every American that has not repented has a millstone around their necks and will face judgement for the sins of this nation”

The judgement, God said, not wrath has already begun. It cannot be stopped until it is finished. Then my wrath will be poured out on all nations as well.
The Lord said to me, the Judgment alone on this Nation of America, for the blood and suffering of these little ones is more than any one prophet can see or handle.

Things we never thought we would have to answer for He said we will, Everything will be brought to the light unless we have repented.

As I thought about it, a millstone about your neck and thrown into the deep waters would be a quick way to die! But God said it would have been better if that would of happened. But it’s apparently it’s going to seem overwhelming.

Please pray about this people of God. I know God loves us, but we need to humble ourselves before him as A Holy God. Americans I feel are in great danger and need to wake up!

Kevin C.


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