American holocaust is through the gate – Krystal Beall

American holocaust is through the gate

March 15, 2021
Krystal Beall

The hour of deliverance has come. Rejoice all whom love me and are longing to behold my face and see me as I truly am. Rejoice I say to you. I know many of you, my faithful redeemed are weary and heavy that all that is written and all I have been warning of has not come to pass. Great are the tears of my own. Powerful are the prayers of my faithful as incense before my throne. I have listened. I have heard. I have answered. To all whom are weeping to me that no one is listening and and that all things carry on as before, Hear me my little flock…Hear your good shepherd speak to you…All things have changed. I know many are not listening. Many, So many are blind and deaf. I AM not known to many. Many love the world and are blind to me. Deception is high and cast as a net over the earth. The battle rages and the dragon is WROTH. Heaven and earth shake. Those in me are firm. Sealed in me. Do not fear. Do not. Trust me. Many have been tried and tested. Refined by fire. You are where I have you. Where I will you. Following me at any and all cost even your lives. Knowing that to live is me( JESUS) and to die is gain( JESUS.) Nothing seperates us. Dying to self and picking up your cross. My voice you hear and know. A stranger you will flee and resist. Follow not. The dragon is WROTH with me. With you my flock. He is raging. It is finished. I have overcome the world. Destruction cometh. It cometh with a swift vengance. I shall vindicate your lives. In destruction shall many be set free. An act of mercy and of love.

To you whom love me and have warned and warned…Fear not and rest in me. With you I AM well pleased and GREAT are your rewards. GREAT. The last shall be first and the first last. Lift up your heads. For the hour of fulfilment has come. I have prepared a place that where I AM ye may be also. All that I have scattered I have gathered. I AM the reaper and the sower. I AM that I AM. I will reap the souls in whom I shed my blood for and whom I travail in my soul for. I AM SEVERELY pained in this final hour as a woman in travail to be delivered. My pain and sorrow is excruciating. Rejoice little flock for new life is being birthed. In the cry of agony is heard the cry of life. I AM weeping tears of agony and tears of life. Eternal life and great joy. All things new. My garden restored. A HOLY people unto myself. I AM your GOD who loves you. You are my people. My redeemed. My called. My chosen. My little flock. My friends. My family. Mine.

American holocaust is through the gate. America has REJECTED me and total destruction shall overtake her in an instant. I have warned. I pour out my spirit on all flesh. Dreams and visions. Revelation. Many mock me and ignore me. I AM not mocked. America is set for total desolation and absolute destruction. I AM the LORD. I AM HOLY and I will have all that I alone am worthy and deserving of. I AM grieved to my core in this moment as I birth forth my gift to man. How ungrateful man is to me. How my heart is pierced without cease. Oh America you have forsaken me. My face you recognized not. You have left me in the potters field and with your prosperity have sought to crucify me anew. Woe to you harlot upon many waters. Woe to the nation of America. Woe. Woe. Woe. Woe. The darkness increase by my hand. A nation whom has REJECTED me finds herself in outer darkness. Weeping. Wailing. Gnashing of teeth. Woe to you. Striped naked and with shame are you bound and led captive to the slaughter. Woe. My beloved flock. Arise. Rise up. Stand. Shine. GLORY. It is now. It is thy hour. It is GLORY. My GLORY. Taste and see that I AM good. I AM the LORD. The GOD of all flesh is anything too hard for me?

No my beautiful one. Nothing is too hard for me. Is anything impossible for me, with me? No, my chosen one. Nothing is impossible with me. For me. The desires of your heart. All things new. Believe. Trust and Know. I AM Faithful. I AM True. I have gone before thee. All things new. No more Sorrow. No more pain. No darkeness. No more tears. No more loss. No more death. Life. Light. Love. Peace. Joy. Family. Joy. Eternity. RESURRECTION of ALL. A white stone. A new name. I AM that I AM. Expect me.


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