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America Your Days are Numbered – Eddie Paul Flowers

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 America Your Days are Numbered

July 24, 2020
Eddie Paul Flowers

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the word of the lord comes to america
america you have been way to the balance
and you have been found
wanting i
have been long suffering with you
america and yet
you throw your sins in my
face and laugh at me and deny
me and reject me so
have i rejected you
your days are numbered america
and there will be none no
not one that will come and help you
because i the god
of the universe have determined
that you shall receive
all that you have given unto mankind
i am going to send my
judgment which is already started
i’m sending more judgment and more
judgment on america as the city of
gibeah i shall sin and
ambush against your country
you will be in a war before long
and this war you will not
be victorious saith the lord
for my hand is against you
america and you will
fall into utter destruction
and the world will be shaken
by what they see come upon you
because you have laughed in my
face one time too many
you have made sin a joke
you have put your pollution
into what i intended to be the church
the church is sleeping the church has
the church has allowed sin to rule
inside its walls that’s why i
god of the universe have closed
down your buildings that you call the
and i’m telling my remnant come out
come out come out of those
buildings saith the lord of hosts they
are a stench in my
nostrils they go after their
bulletins and their programs
and their agendas but not mine
saith the lord they won’t let me
have the liberty inside the buildings
to do and say my will therefore
i am the one who brought them to close
and i will keep them closed that my
remnant may shine like never before
that the world may see the true
church in my people saith the lord of
those of you they’ll know who you are
you’ve been
faithful you’ve been humble before me
you have bent the knee you have bowed
you have
worshipped me you have called upon me
you have read my word you have studied
my word
you have believed my word for in not
many days hence
as i told the disciples of long ago
i will pour into you oh
a more portion of my spirit saith the
i will feel your cups to overflowing
so that you will be able to go out into
the highways and hedges of life
and show people who i am
i am the great i am of moses i am the
of abraham isaac and
jacob i am your father i am your father
and i have much in store for you hold
fast to that which is good
which is me which is jesus
jesus jesus is the king of kings
and the lord of lords and he is soon to
and call you from this world but until
that hour
carry terry terry and work
while it is day for soon the night
and my people will work no more
they will enter into their rest saith
the lord of hosts
they will enter into their rest that i
have prepared for them
prepare ye today today
is the day of salvation reject me no
more or you will be
forever forever
lost saith the lord
A word for America, your days are numbered.
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