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America you shall reap what you have sown….DEATH – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall


Behold the hour of my appearing is NOW. I have said and I say again..It will become VERY dark as I AM revealed. My beloved, faithful redemmed…Fear not but look up. For the hour of your redemption is nigh…lo it is here. The darkness is allowed by my hand and is defeated. In the darkness I will be glorified as my light shines on without hindrance. My light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not. I AM ETERNAL. My light shall light up the world in ALL MY GLORY. Darkness is a form of my judgment and exposure on a nation that has REJECTED me. I AM GRIEVED BY AMERICA…MY ANGER RUNS DEEP. I WILL ABASE THIS NATION WHOM HAS REJECTED ME. The blood you have shed America on your own soil and that of your neighbours shall consume you in full. You shall reap what you have sown….DEATH. In fire shall many be purified…refined and delivered unto eternal life. My beloved little flock…my faithful remnant….hear me loves. I allow persecution to touch you as a gift of my love. It does not feel like it loves. For it is painful. I hear you cry out. I have collected your tears in my bottle. A great harvest have we reaped. To partake of my sorrows and sufferings is to be wed unto me. To be one. You shall taste the bitter and the sweet. The firey darts from the enemy are at me my doves. For I AM IN YOU…WITH YOU. The devil rages at me. He is more wroth in this last hour with me than ever before. When my light is seen…when my words are spoken through you…the darkness responds with rage…and at times violence. If the world hates you…know that it hated me first for I testify that it is evil. The world loves it’s own doves. Rejoice for I have called you out….you are MINE. I will never leave or forsake you. But bring into completion all I have spoken and puropsed according to my will for you. My will for you is good. I have purposed good for you and not evil. I give you hope and an expected end. I give you the desires of your hearts and so much more. I AM he who is able to do above and beyond what you could ever hope or expect from me. I give unto ETERNAL life and I make all things new. I AM with you. Your sadness and depression does not turn my face from you. I AM CLOSE TO THE BROKEN HEARTED AND I SAVE THOSE WHOM ARE OF A CONTRITE AND BROKEN SPIRIT. I have you under the shelter of my wings. You have I gathered. Be at peace loves. I AM FOR YOU…I AM WITH YOU. YOU will see me as I TRULY AM. GLORY LOVES….GLORY. This pain shall be no more. I have spoken and poured out my spirit. Many have received dreams and visions…My words. Loves I will avenge YOU. Mocking and scoffing is a sign of belonging to me. ALL who live Godly in me (Christ) will suffer persecution. It is a tasting of my cup. It is a small weight of my cross….THE WORLDS CROSS THAT I BEAR AS MY OWN IN MY GREAT LOVE AND MERCY. Hold fast my beloved little flock. The shofar is heard in Zion. The alarm is sounding in my Holy mountain….for the day of the LORD IS AT HAND…LO IT IS HERE. THIS IS THE HOUR OF DELIVERANCE…For my birthing is in the midst of thee of man…Much sorrow loves….much blood…like a woman in travails pained to be deliverd…Water and blood….cries of sorrow and anguish….Then the cry of life that bursts forth from the ring of fire. The ring of fire is the worst part loves…WE ARE BEING DELIVERED NOW…TRUST ME…LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING…I AM DIRECTING YOUR STEPS…I AM GUIDING YOU…LEADING YOU..Believe loves…blessed are they who have not seen yet believe. My Thomas’s are loved by me the same as my Mary’s…my John’s…I LOVE YOU…You give me joy…GLORY…knowingly and unknowingly. I HAVE WARNED FOR A VERY LONG WHILE NOW. Watch now loves as it ALL comes to pass before you. I AM faithful. Faith not sight loves. I know many are weary. IT IS FINISHED..BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY.

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