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America You Are Ground Zero – Only A Grain of Sand

America You Are Ground Zero

September 2, 2020 11:58 AM
Only A Grain Of Sand

August 31- September 2, 2020

The eyes of all the world are upon you now.
Watching Intently!
As you descend into revolution, anarchy, destruction and dissolution.
They Smell Death!
America You Are Ground Zero.
You Are The Target Now!

The tables have turned on you now. What you exported to other countries in war and conquest, murder, abortion, a decadent culture of pornography, consumerism, sexual perversion, greed, the almighty dollar, will now be repaid in-full. NOW!

The hammer of the whole world no longer can strike the anvil of power and hegemony, to all the nations. The feeble hands of your corrupt government, politicians, military, and financial institutions await your total collapse, capitulation to annihilation. A New Order Out Of Chaos; your elites believe.

America You Are Ground Zero.
The Bulls-Eye Now!

Seven “Flying Rolls: (Nuclear Missiles) will land on your soil. Because of My obedient sons and daughters of The Most High God, that have prayed, I AM will deflect the others sent by your enemies, The Bear & the Red Dragon. Still they will invade and claim the victory, only for a season, before they flee back to their own destruction. For I AM will only use them as long as My Will allows.

America You Are Ground Zero.
Babylon The Great will die the death, you have administered to the whole world, for over a hundred years. Selah! Enough!

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