America Will Burn – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

February 26, 2019

To all whom love me and long for my appearing, I say to you keep watch. Behold, I come quickly. I know for many the wait has been long and most agonizing. Many have grown weary from ongoing anticipation, and heavy hearted that all I have spoken has not come to pass. Faith my beloveds, faith, not sight. I have seen your tears, collecting them in my bottle. I hear your cries of frustration and sorrow. LORD, I tell them, but they don’t want to hear, they will not listen. I wear your pain as my own. Ye drink a sip of my cup when met with rejection, indifference and mockery. The pain in which you find yourself pierced with is a sharing of my own. My pain ( passion) is a fragrance of my love, the very essence of me. I AM drawn to pain as the man of sorrows. I AM nigh to them of a broken heart and saveth them such as a contrite spirit. I have heard your prayers. I will heal, deliver and restore you. I AM, I have. Believe. Trust and know that in an instant all will change. I AM faithful and true. I will never leave or forsake you. To all who feel distant from me in this last hour and full of fear that I have turned my back and have hid my face from you, take heart. Rest in my promise that I AM with you. Never will I leave or forsake you. My silence is not my disapproval, nor my absence. I AM grieved by the condition of my final generation. I AM grieved at the sin, so numerous in the earth and the blindness of so many. Harrowing is the degradation I so often receive, the rejection I have received and am receiving, wound me most severe. I will vindicate your lives. I know the price that you have paid, and are paying. Wounded and bleeding souls are a reflection of me that in an instant will be changed into my glory. I AM grieved to my core by the rejection I have received in America alone. I mourn that many, so many are decieved. How little I AM truly known. How little I AM recognized. I desire to show mercy. I have been long-suffering in my love and desire for humanity. I AM not mocked. America has rejected me and the hour is later than man knows. I labor still in my love for souls. I AM pained in my soul still travails in my harvest of souls. The hour is now. America will burn as the ring of fire is seen and felt. Expanding, rising up, bearing down and expelling. In the fervent heat and searing pain life will emerge. I know the pains of my own who weary with sounding the trumpet to deaf ears. I hear the cries of the few for mercy for the lost. I have answered moved by my love and compassion. Oh generation, how you grieve me. You have robbed me of my most precious fruit. You have taken what is not yours and have howled as rabid wolves before me. My tears were a pleasure for your macabre lifestyles. So much have you allowed to come between us. Your desire for the world and the vanity of men. This was never my desire. Never my will. I have loved you with an everlasting love, yea with kindness have I drawn there. Why then are you so adiment on relentlessly piercing my heart? A wound in which bleeds today yet you refuse. How many turn their face from me and set it as flint towards a world who hates me and is against all I AM . Truly I tell you, be not decieved. My kingdom is not of this world. Come out, come out from among them. Be ye separate. I have cried. Called. Begged, pleaded with man to return to me. Call upon me. Blessed are all you who have listened and obeyed, answering. With you I AM well pleased. I have warned and warned, destruction comes, lo is here and will be devestating. What has occurred in America is devestating. I speak of America yet my gaze covers the four corners of the earth. America, America. The fire comes. How I weep for a nation who rejected me and cast me out. Wanting no parts of me. Ye walk on blind and deaf into an awaiting pit. Woe to you America. You have rejected GOD. Justice comes swiftly. I AM a consuming fire. Refinement. How sad I AM
How the sadness of my beloveds and me shall turn to joy unceasing.


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