America, When your Leader Does Something Against Israel/Jerusalem I Will Allow Something to Happen to Your Land – Holy Spirit Wind

Holy Spirit Wind

America, When your Leader Does Something Against Israel/Jerusalem I Will Allow Something to Happen to Your Land

Received 5-7 and 5-8-18

Psalm 9:7 “The wicked shall be turned into hell,
And all the nations that forget God.”

America, you have been overtaken by Babylon many years ago, though you do not perceive it. You are blind and deaf spiritually because of your refusal to repent before Me. You have forgotten Me. The righteousness of your forefathers has run out of its effect because the abundance of wickedness and sin that has overrun this nation that once followed Me. You have made your choice of whom you will serve and that is self and your god is Satan. For he says “Do as thou wilt” not as I taught you to pray to the Father “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

America, in your last election you thought that you had been given a choice between good and evil because you don’t know Me, I AM the truth. What you see as good is only a charade. The results had been predetermined and the one who holds America’s supposed highest office was exactly who those behind the scenes wanted. He was put there to execute their plan and that is to start war and bring about the catastrophic collapse of the greatest economy the world had ever seen. He has built “house of cards” even higher than before, so that when it falls there will be no coming back. It’s all set and ready to fall, it will crash and burn after the event that I have spoken about so many times. But who has listened?

America, do you see the destructive powers that I have unleashed upon you? Everytime that your leader does something against My land israel and the apple of My eye Jerusalem I will allow something to happen to your land. What has and is happening in Hawaii is a direct result of the plans to give away part of My holy city and uproot My people from their homes! I WILL NOT STAND IDLY BY AND ALLOW THIS! MY WRATH IS KINDLED! I have told you that Israel is My timepiece and the time to the end speeds up as she is surrounded by her enemies and plans are made against her. She is a burdensome stone and a cup of trembling by which I will destroy all who come against her and shake every nation who would divide her.

America, you have not heeded My warnings and repented before me. Your leaders are wicked and they make wicked decisions of war. They offer branches of peace and then go back on their agreements on purpose to cause destruction and death, just like their father the devil. It has come time for Me to begin to allow even worse things to come upon you than before. You will no longer look to foreign lands and say “That’s too bad” or “What a shame” when you see destruction, because it will be all around you in the land where you live. No part of America will be left untouched except for the places of safety that I have designated for My true people, My remnant, My bride. A hedge of protection shall be around My chosen ones and My holy fire shall be around them on all sides. They will not be put to shame! They will bring in the great harvest with Me and they will rule and reign with Me forever!

The King of kings and Lord of Lords,

Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach


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