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America United States Judgment Prophecy – Lion of Judah Fine Anointing Oil

Lion of Judah Fine Anointing Oil

Israeli Holy Oil

Word from the Lord for America

Received June 10, 2011

America United States Judgment Prophecy

Destruction is coming to our beloved country

“America, America! I longed for your repentance yet you continue in your pride. Therefore, I will have to bring you down, bring you down to your knees so you will once again cry out for mercy. I cannot have this sin anymore.

“Babies. Millions of aborted babies. Their blood cries out from the ground for justice. I hold them in My hand. They are so precious to Me. I gave them as a gift, but yourejected them. So precious and so tiny. But you killed them and did not receive them. Therefore, My justice and My recompense shall reign. You shall see it not many days hence.

“Prepare. Prepare your hearts for sudden destruction. Prepare your hearts for My manifest presence in the midst of this destruction. For as this nation shall fall My glory will rise. You will meet Me when you humble your hearts and thank Me for coming to you to comfort you in your day of trouble. For indeed, I AM a God of comfort and of love.

“Justice demands judgment and so it shall fall. And great will be the cries of My people. For they have prepared and are waiting. But their warnings have not been heeded. They will take pain upon seeing the devastation knowing it could have been averted. But you, America, would not bow your knees to Me in repentance and humility. Therefore, great will be the fall of this nation. Devastation beyond compare, like it has never seen before. Then see how haughty you are in this world. You have gloated over your prosperity and have known no lack. But that comes to an end now. In one hour it will begone.

“And truly those remaining will come to Me, finally, to repent and turn from their sin. But not all will come. No. There will remain a remnant of the hard-hearted who will harden their hearts even more during this time of destruction. I say to them, Woe! You think you have seen hell now? Bow your knees to Me or you surely shall see hell, the one I created for the devil and his demons. You were never meant to go there, but you will by YOUR choice, not Mine. Repent while there is still time. For you do not know what the next hour holds, nay, even the next minute. You may not even have one more breath left, so sudden shall this destruction fall and many others as well that will follow.

“Man lives but such a short time on earth. But eternity lasts FOREVER. Consider your placement then – where will you be? It is YOUR choice. I provided a way for you to spend eternity in Heaven with Me – through Jesus, My Son. His blood will cover your sin if you will allow it. Do not go into eternity covered in sin, for I will not look upon it nor have it in My Holy Presence. It and you will be dispatched to hell if you do not come to the cross in repentance. Do this now before it is too late. You do not know when this sudden destruction will fall, but I do and I say the time is short.

“So prepare NOW to enter eternity. Come into My presence and let Me cleanse you of all unrighteousness. You cannot do it yourself. Only the blood of My Son, Jesus, can cleanse you. You cannot do one thing to earn it or cleanse yourself. So come as you are and let Me do it FOR you. It is free and will cost you nothing. You will wish you had done it long ago once you have obeyed. Come to Me now while there is still time to find life everlasting in the fullness of My joy and peace.

“Many wonders have been prepared for you in Heaven to enjoy eternally. Why would you choose the darkness and fires of hell instead, where there will be eternal torment and thirst? Where the worm never dies and the demons have free will to do to you whatever they want? It is not a place of joy and peace but of pain and loneliness and complete absence of My light and presence. Come to Me now, little ones, and let Me gather you into My arms of love where I can keep you from all harm for eternity. I love you. Please come to Me now before it is too late.”

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