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America Under Seige – Glynda Lomax

America Under Seige

Glynda Lomax
A very short podcast detailing what the Lord has been showing me about what is coming soon to America.



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  1. The Other Frank

    I don’t like podcasts much, but this one was worth it. Thanks.

  2. Linda L Courtney

    REVELATION 18, I believe, speaks of the POLITICAL BABYLON.
    The last verse shows the death of Christians by the hands of the wicked. Revelation 17, I believe, speaks of RELIGIOUS BABYLON. This Babylon also kills true Christians, and during the Dark Ages, this religion martyred over 68 million genuine Christians.
    The HINI FLU that hit a few years ago is a type, but PLAGUE is different as you so well explained. Matthew 24 plus the other prophetic gospels explain what we will be SOON be going through.

  3. Thomas Heward

    Dumitru Dudumann a prophet from Romania was sent to America in 1986 and was used mightily to describe America as The Mystery Babylon of Revelation chapters 16-18 by God’s Angel Gabriel.

    I have been called since 2006 to Stand In The Gap for America by Bringing A National Revival to His Church in America.

    Success will equal more time for America to Spread the Gospel, Failure means the End of America.

  4. Marc Naples

    It’s hard to believe any revival of America 🇺🇸 sadly asleep Christian nation….it’s enough!!!

  5. Diane MCGINNIS

    Thank you for your time and consideration to us in, YESHUA Name Amen .

  6. Diane MCGINNIS

    I thank you for your time and consideration with out YESHUA Name . Amen

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