“A toxic gas is dispersing the streets of America!” – Maria Ghiorghiu

Translated from Romania

By Maria Ghiorghiu

Toxic gas disperses the streets of America
Recived 6th-7th October 2017, 12:17am

My darlings,

Tonight, I heard a warning about what is about to happen in America!

The voice asks this:

“America? Toxic Gas?”

and the answer came

“A toxic gas is dispersing the streets of America!”

My darlings, i have written exactly how I heard it. From where this toxic gas will come, or who will be using it on the streets of America, i do not know! I do not know neither the city nor the area where this genocide will begin.

It’s certain that what i’ve been told, unfortunately it will come to pass sooner or later.

Those that live in USA, they better get this article, translate it in English and make it public to the Americans.
This way, maybe they will save many lives or even stop this horrible tragedy!

I hear now

“Cause maybe it could be stoped, this Genocide!”

I do not know the english language, and i can only right in our own sweet Romanian language.
So, GREAT DANGER for the US population!

“A toxic gas is dispersing the streets of America!”

With love, Maria.

Maria Ghiorghiu la 11:42

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