America the great is falling….is falling – Ali Winters

Ali Winters

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

America the great is falling….is falling. Mens lives hang in the balance. Crime in the streets, hate in the hearts. Arise and seek My face. I will be found by those who seek after Me.

‘When the leading priests and teachers of religious law heard what Jesus had done, they began planning how to kill him. But they were afraid of Him because the people were so amazed at His teaching. Mark 11:-8’

Religious pastors, teacher, preachers know The Word. They know what JESUS has done yet continually preach heresy. False gospels, preached as Truth, enslave the unsuspecting, trapping My people in darkness. My Word of Truth has become a thorn in the flesh of millions. Many are amazed by His teachingyet have chosen to remain behind the veil of deception.

Shaking, shaking, shaking is coming. Shaking is coming and you are not prepared. My remnant, repent. Repent of your idolatry, (love of, fondness for, delight in) repent of your lasciviousness, (lewd, pornographic, lustful, carnal, offensive…lifestyles) and seek after Me.

‘…you are surrounded by traps and tremble from sudden fears…you cannot see in the darkness and waves of water cover you. God is so great—higher than the heavens, higher than the farthest stars. But you reply, ‘That’s why God can’t see what I am doing! How can He judge through the thick darkness? For thick clouds swirl about Him, and He cannot see us. He is way up there, walking on the vault of heaven.’ Job 22:10-14

Perilous times are coming upon My church. Shocked by all that is happening, many will fall away. My children…become like the willow…it sways, moving with the direction of the wind. It sways but it does not break. When the Son of man returns, will He find you faithful or fallen?

ali at 11:59 AM

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