Jun 14, 2019, 3:02 PM

Hi, guys! I’m Anne Bussom, a brazilian sister and I’m 23 years old. I’m always following and reading the messages of your site/page here in Brazil with others brothers and sisters. So, the Lord Jesus is guiding me A LOT to share with you guys the
prophetic revelations that He gave me since 2018 about the United States of America.

So here we go In my first first first vision ever – it was in 2018 – i saw I huge building, a very luxurious, expensive one (I don’t know how to say it i’m sorry) and this kind of building we don’t have here in Brazil
(neither in Sao Paulo, Rio or Brasília where I live). By the Spirit – Ruach Hakodesh – I had knowledge that what I was seeing WAS NY and obviously it represented, in the vision, what would happen there soon.

I mean, specifically, in this state but also in America. This building had black and brown (wood) details and it was modern and fancy at the same time. I remember saying in the vision: “WOW! What a beautiful building”, but when I sad that, I saw, very very clearly – with an approximate and privileged view – from the top of it to the bottom
APART LIKE WORLD TRADE CENTER in 2001. I’m not kidding here folks, I WAS TERRIFIED, like, I knew it that it was The Great Earthquake described in Revelation 6:12.

This is gonna be just ONE (one, but prophetic one) of the Lord’s JUDGMENTS in America and in the whole world BEFORE His coming and before The Great Tribulation. Others nations will suffer because of it too (Latin and South America, islands, Brazil… All included) but KEEP AN EYE in your New York.
This place is Babylon (CONFUSION, like Babel once was) and one of the reasons that God will judge America is because of NY! But also ABORTION (nobody, not even the President does a single thing about it), IDOLATRY (anything that takes God’s glory and place in your hearts), a LUKEWARM CHURCH, WITCHCRAFT AND SATANISM, SEXUAL SIN (luxury), FALSE DOCTRINES AND TEACHINGS (we have a lot of this here :() UNREPENTANT SINS (past and now) ARROGANCE, PRIDE (the basis of
the most people) and of course, this fail “DEAL OF PEACE” assigned. REMEMBER THAT: IF YOU DIVIDE THE LORD’S LAND (Israel) THEN HE DIVIDE YOURS. And in the case of America, He will divide in 3. Lord Jesus has

Anne Bussom,

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  1. Ming

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for your sharing.

    President Trump has absolutely done SOMETHING against abortion in the US – even the NY Times wrote about it (please see below). It will be a long fight/struggle to end all these injustice in USA, and a Great Awakening/Revival is the KEY.

    America, Brazil, and their Presidents desperately need our prayers & intercession to do God’s Will and enter into their Destiny in Christ.

    Please pray!

    “As he enters his re-election campaign, Mr. Trump, through his appointment of judges who oppose abortion rights, including to the Supreme Court, and his equally graphic language about late-term abortions, is again speaking a language that evangelicals embrace.”

    “By speaking so directly of his opposition to abortion, Mr. Trump is putting himself squarely on one side of perhaps the nation’s most divisive social issue.”



  2. Fab

    Jeff Byerly, Linda Hashe (and there may be others), have said Trump has already taken the mark. We can pray for his family and for other American leaders and most importantly for all the lost in this nation.

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