America R.I.P! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

America R.I.P!


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

America your journey is nearing its end- a journey of prosperity and achievements, paved by the blood of slavery and usury! You thought that I have forgotten your sins- those which you have not confessed nor taken responsibility for. I have not forgotten, they are ever before Me! The increase of My judgments are upon you and they will intensify as you involve yourself in My land Israel! For you know not- that is your assignment and that is your purpose! For I have given you a king who is an architect- a builder who can see by design. I have chosen him to fulfill the prophecy of My Word! He shall design the Temple of the Last Days! Though he will not occupy nor visit her steps, he’s purpose will be fulfilled! America, you have no idea of your purpose, but I do and I have shown it to you through your prophets and watchmen, but you refuse to see it. Therefore, you are blinded and deafened to these words! Prepare for your destiny America! Build the Temple on divided land and I will divide you from within!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Luke 21)

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