America is a woman caught in adultery – Paula D S Carter

Paula D S Carter

Date unknown

I felt lead to share this with you. I’m awake praying.

  • In my sleep I heard, “America is a woman caught in adultery. On 9/11 she was brought up for judgment, but given another chance and told to go and sin no more.

But she refused to repent. She has kept whoring.

“Judgment is upon her!!”

I got up to write all of this down and As I was writing all of this down I heard, “He that is without sin (Yeshua) will cast the 1st stone” and in my mind I saw a picture of Planet X barreling down upon the earth.

I then heard, “The nation’s are tumbling…Tumbling…TUMBLING!!”

(End of message)
There is only ONE whom is without sin and that is Jesus Christ (Yeshua).

He is the stone that comes to the last days- endtimes statue you see in the book of Daniel

PlanetX is known by many different names, one is wormwood in the book of Revelation.

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