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America I am using trump to bring judgement on this wicked nation – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister

November 2, 2018

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today ?

Yes daughter I do
Speak now daughter It is I be not afraid fear not daughter of Zion your king is speaking
My people continue to press forward no matter the cost or the pain I know the weariness of my bride my people so I am here to comfort you I will never leave or forsake you my children these are the last days and I am coming soon to remove those who’s hearts are rendered to me and who are walking in my ways and keeping my commandments Children The choice is clear if you choose me and choose to pursue me and have a relationship with me then you will inherit eternal life if you choose the world you will go to hell do not touch sin I am a God that is not only full of grace mercy and compassion but also wrath justice and anger and I hate sin to you lukewarmers benchwarmers I have warned you over and over and you will not change for this you will be left behind no lukewarmers will enter my kingdom only those who are living set apart holy lives will enter sin cannot enter my kingdom grace is not a license to sin openly you should be repenting daily several times a day reading or listening to your bibles worshipping and praying and be spending time with me and talking to me your God I want all or nothing you are either for me or against me I will not accept a halfhearted commitment I want 100% surrender and holiness without such no one will see me or the father Children holiness is essential to enter my kingdom you are saved by nothing but my shed blood I did a horrific death for you when will you change and yield to my ways ? Does my word not say to not get tattoos and piercings ??? What about swearing cussing taking my name in vain porn etc America you are wallowing in sin filth “I AM “ is not pleased with you
I made a way when there was no way I made a way for all to enter in to the lukewarm I say again you will be denied entrance into my kingdom due to your compromised and unholy lifestyles and for not repenting of your sins
To my beloved bride trouble brews on every single side now what I ask of you my precious ones is to seek me on your knees and ask me what are my instructions for you much terror sorrow pain suffering and wrath and destruction is coming to America I am using trump to bring judgement on this wicked nation why are your pastors never teaching repentance judgement heaven hell etc ? Because they want popularity instead of holiness so many of my sheep have been deceived into thinking they can sin all they want and be right with me I say nay NO WAY I AM A HOLY GOD AND I EXPECT MY CHILDREN TO BE HOLY
My word is clear only the pure and holy will enter heaven too many are on the broad path to destruction and do not know it most are going to hell and do not realize it
My bride be encouraged as I will never leave you and I am coming for you be at peace my bride I love you all very much continue on the narrow path that leads back to me and the father I am your commander king lord shepherd friend counselor guide teacher bridegroom redeemer savior refuge healer high tower and deliverer draw very close to me now as time is running out quickly
My bride worship pray repent read my word the Bible and Continue to pursue me with all of your heart
Woe unto the wicked and Babylon North America soon you will be destroyed SAITH I AM LION OF JUDAH HAS SPOKEN

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