America, Destruction, Prophecy


Krystal Beall

July 19 2018

All I have spoken shall come to pass. I shall reveal myself. I have warned and warned man. Yet my warnings fall upon many deaf ears. I HAVE BEEN REJECTED IN THIS GENERATION. It means just that…I HAVE BEEN REJECTED. One can not fathom my sorrow. Nor the revelation of it all that is written. Destruction comes and it shall be great.VENGEANCE IS MINE… I WILL REPAY. YOU HAVE ROBBED ME GENERATION. What have we robbed you of LORD? You have robbed my precious fruit. The battle has been ensuing for a very long time now. The earth has had but a taste of the cup. In an instant the world will drink of it’s woes to the dregs. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth. Woe I say for the devil has come down to you filled with fury for he knows he has but a short time. My heart bleeds. Man has desecrated my garden. Man has trampled my cross and in it’s place he has erected himself. Humanism. Man has made himself to be his own god. You are deceived. A world wide web of deceit. My kingdom is not of this world. What then does these kingdoms of men have to do with me? ..Give unto God what is Mine and unto Ceaser what is Ceaser’s. My suffering has been hellacios for man. How few are those who are grateful. How few have true knowledge of me. False religions and modern day teachings of men have flooded the earth. Doctrines of devils from the so called educational system to the so called church houses. LIES WEIGH DOWN MAN AND PUFF HIM UP IN PRIDE. AMERICA WILL MOURN BITTERLY WHEN I REVEAL TO YOU WHAT YOU HAVE NOT KNOWN. AMERICA IS A GREAT WITNESS TO ME. YET SHE REMAINS BLIND. SHE IS UNMOVED BY THE ABOMINATION THAT HAS CAUSED DESOLATION. YET IN ONE HOUR SHE THINKS NOT IT WILL OVERTAKE AND CONSUME HER. You know not what you have done. I desired you. I showed you my face. yet you were repulsed. I offered you my bread yet you stommped it under your feet. Let us alone was the screams of many as my tears feel without effort. My words echoed off hearts of stone. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. YOU RECOGNIZE ME NOT. I WILL REPAY FOR ALL THE EVIL YOU HAVE SHOWN ME. And as my tears were bitter. So too shall yours be. WE HAVE REJECTED JESUS CHRIST. WE HAVE EVICTED GOD FROM WITHIN OUR MIDST. Now we shall reap what we have sown. I WILL BE GLORIFIED IN THE DESTRUCTION. IN DEATH MANY SHALL FIND LIFE. I will abase. I will tear down. My face is set like flint upon ALL WHO REJECT ME. The president is to fall and very soon…I HAVE WARNED YET YOU HAVE NOT LISTENED….BELIEVED…YOU REJECTED THE KING OF KINGS….THE LORD OF LORDS..I shall reveal to you the price for having done so. AMERICA HAS CAUSED ME GREAT SUFFERING. I WILL BE VINDICATED IN HER DESTRUCTION. MY WEDDING IS TO COMMENCE. MY BELOVED REDEEMED…..LOOK UP…BEHOLD I COME. Every eye shall see me…Look upon the one you pierced…MOURN AS FOR AN ONLY SON…FOR IN AN INSTANT YOU SHALL KNOW THE PAIN I BEAR THAT WILL NOT ALLOW MY HAND OF VENGANCE TO RELENT.


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