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America, a Nation of Refugees – Vincent Xavier

America, a Nation of Refugees

Vincent Xavier – 7/10/08

Americans will be roaming through the streets. The Lord has shown this writer that America will be known as a NATION OF REFUGEES. People will be roaming to and fro from one city to another, seeking shelter and rest. The Lord said what we saw in New Orleans after the hurricane called Katrina hit will become a national reality. Just as those people fled from their destroyed city to other cities, so shall it be in the days ahead. Because of the several nuclear detonations, natural disasters and other terrorist-related incidents in major cities across America on the same day, millions will be wandering from sea to shining sea looking for a place of safety and rest.

During this time of wandering people will become infected as biological and chemical weapons are released upon the population. Great food shortages and water shortages are going to cause rioting and looting in an unprecedented way. Great violence will emerge and a strong spirit of brutality will manifest. KATRINA IS THE PICTURE multiplied a thousand times.

Las Vegas, Nevada will be a GHOST TOWN. People will be wandering through the emptied and mostly destroyed casinos and city shopping malls. They will fondle gambling “chips” that possess no value. Las Vegas shall surely be a haunt of every unclean bird and jackals will reside in that place.

Martial law will be imposed within the nation. A time of complete desperation will hit. Those who barked like dogs in so-called revivals will whimper at the devastation and all their foolery will amount to nothing. Those who refused to repent, but went after the GIFTS, will come away empty-handed and their short-lived healings will be met with eternal burnings because their hearts were led astray into great deception, as the Scriptures said they would.

The burning heart of repentance can no longer be seen in America. The cry for repentance is falling upon deaf ears and the masses are being led into the slaughter. The day of slaughter began on 9/11; it has escalated into a worldwide epidemic as hundreds of thousands are being destroyed daily.

The prophets are fools (those in the harlot church)! The people are mad upon their idols! A sword against the treasury of the United States has been unsheathed. I will strike their treasures and take them away to another land. I will transfer the wealth of the nation to another.

It is over! The collapse is sure! The time of debate is ended! America will be a nation of refugees. Those who hate shall meet with hatred! Those who mocked shall be a derision! Those who refused to obey shall be punished! Terror shall take hold of a nation that has forsaken the LAW OF THE LORD!

SAINTS, find your way to the cities of refuge now! Begin to build your lives in those places. Go to those places that uphold the Laws of the Lord. You will be protected. Build cities that will welcome and provide for survivors who are sent from the Lord. These will be seeking Christ Jesus from true hearts. Establish Godly leaders within the cities of refuge for the transfer will come to a nation within a nation! Fill up the storehouses! Many will be led by the Spirit to these safe places they never knew of.

The coastlands will perish! Seek refuge now! It is late! Let us not linger anymore!


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