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April 6, 2022 12:19 AM

6 April 2022

I was talking to the Lord about President Trump, remembering that the Lord said President Trump would be coming back as President again. Then I asked the Lord, why did you allow the wicked to steal the election away from him. The Lord
said, Remember the message I gave to you in 2019 about President Trump? (your king).

Go back and look at it. Here is that message:

21 September 2019

Before the Presidential election, you prayed continually to Me, Saying, Lord, please judge the wicked, and set our nation free.

I love to answer your prayers, when you seek Me with all your heart, Many then returned to Me, and our relationship was off to a new start.

Oh how I wish you would worship Me, for I AM High and Lifted Up, You no longer place your hope in Me, your hope is in Donald Trump.

I Am speaking to you, America, the land I used to bless, But your nation has turned away from Me, and has become, like all the rest.

You prayed earnestly for this man, so I said, I’ll give you what you want. You said, now we have our King David, but a King David, he is not.

After the election, you prayed to Me no more.
You said life will be good again, soon you will see, what I have in store.

You wanted a King David, but I have given you a Saul, If he does not seek Me daily, then like a man without God, he will fall.

Many years ago Israel loved Me, in worship and praise to Me, they would sing! Then Israel rejected Me, and like other nations, they wanted to have a king.

I would speak to Israel through My Prophets, to be their King, was My perfect will, But they turned their backs on the Great I AM, and many Prophets, they would kill.

America, I loved you with an everlasting love,
I watched over you daily, from My Throne in Heaven Above.

America, please come back to Me, for I will make all things new, But if you refuse to repent again, I’ll take your king away from you.

You are now in the beginning of the great deception, and many will fall away. They will be offended at Me, because of what, the wicked men will say.

The deception is growing quickly, but My Word you must believe, If you do not seek Me with all your heart, you will easily be deceived.

The great deception will soon be upon you, you must humble yourselves and pray, Then I will teach you light from darkness, and truth from lies, without delay.

America is a house divided, and a house divided will not stand, The people want, change without changing, so now I will change the face of their land.

Our Savior who gave His life for us,


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