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All works will be tested and tried – Olasubomi Williams

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All works will be tested and tried

September 23, 2023 5:57 PM
Olasubomi Williams
Colossians 3:23-24, Isaiah 64:8, 1peter 5:6, Ecclesiastes 9:1-3


I had a dream that I was in my house, and I was showing a friend of mine my house. In this dream, I had a bird, a parrot to be precise. So as I was speaking I went to the kitchen and I opened my top cabinet to show my friend my cups which was weird. Some of the cups were glass and ceramic while some where stainless steel cups(exactly the set of cups I have in my house). Then the bird jumped off my shoulders and started throwing the cups from the top counter. Some of the cups smashed into pieces, and some where broken. Only the metallic cups where still intact after the fall. While I was trying to push the bird out of the top counter I woke up from the dream.
When I woke up I forgot about the dream. Only after the next day did I remember the dream. I thought the dream was for a long time so I didn’t bother to pray about it (sorry about that). But as I was meditating on God’s word (basically me soliloquizing about preaching the word of God), the interpretation of the dream came to me immediately.

Interpretation of the dream/Words of Jesus Christ

I will try the work of the hands of my children. I will test them and refine them with a refiners fire. The cups represent your works and your deeds that you performed on this earth. They are your actions, your thoughts and behaviours. Many works will be shattered to pieces and many broken. I will restart many people’s ministries especially some of the false prophets and teachers. Many of my lukewarm children will either be reshaped or perish. There is no in between. All mods will be deleted, all ceramic and glass faith will be shattered, broken and destroyed. Only those with iron faith shall stand on that day of great sorrows. There shall be great sorrows never seen before on the earth. Many people will see the works of their hands be destroyed. Many works which have been stolen, or gotten through deceitful means will also be destroyed.

The glass are the lukewarm children, the ones who have faulty foundations and are not deeply rooted in me. The ceramics are those who have strayed away from the faith but are willing to be reshaped and reformed. The iron are those who are with me and walk with me and believe in me. Those who have reshaped themselves into my image and are willing to do my bidding. I AM is not a liar. All these things said by this prophet will come to pass though he is faulty sometimes, he does truly hear from me. He is my scribe and he jots down my words as I speak. But he has a shaky faith sometimes and he is too distracted. He does listen to my words but he too needs to work on himself. Same as with many of my prophets, apostles, teachers, missionaries and preachers of my word. All will be tested, all will be revealed for what they truly are. Jesus Christ, Yahusha ha masheach.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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