All Will Roll Out Now The Tribulation Times Have Arrived – Only a Grain of Sand

All Will Roll Out Now The Tribulation Times Have Arrived

May 5-8, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

A shaking shall occur that will reach the core of the most hardened hearts.

The race downhill will be accelerated to a frenetic speed.

You will not be able to keep up with the bad news, even though your media will spin cotton candy lies.

The Kick-Off Event Will Proceed.

America Is Finished.

I AM awaiting the return of my lost children, My prodigal sons & daughters.

Think it not strange My Mercy has expired, you have spit in My Face, yelling “We don’t need you any more!”

A secular humanistic government decided God is a non-essential service. Fools now you will have Judgment that will bring you to your knees.

My Own, be at peace. All will be well with you no matter, what comes your way.

The Father

Note: I said to God this message is like many many many others. He said “No Matter, if it saves one or two souls it has done its work.”


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  1. Catherine

    Our newspapers write: the churches are not “systemrelevant”, so they should be still closed, when everything else will open Monday.

  2. Thomas ...NoDoubt...

    I think this is Not like ‘many many many others’ as I’ve never felt the Lord’s anger so strong before. I heard Him say ‘enough is enough’ about a year ago. As I prayed about those words, He showed me Himself standing up from HIS THRONE – It reminded me of my dad in his easy chair that would not stand up until he had hollered at us to stop. BUT, if we kept on – we knew that he wouldn’t spank us IF WE BEHAVED … BUT …
    As I prayed this time hearing these words , I saw Him hurt and mad There was a finality to His demeanor like I knew He ‘Meant business’… and the scripture reference He gave me to share was Abraham interceding for sodom and Gomorrah with ‘just 50 righteous? How could you destroy the whole city when they’re 50 righteous?’
    And we all know what has happened in ‘amerika’….

    As I was able to stop crying over all the death and destruction I saw coming, I spoke these words to Him: “Yes, I know You’re right. I know we deserve it. You’re the Truth’’. There was so much emotion and years and years of watching on the wall wrapped up in those few moments it felt almost like a release from the agony and pain of intercession. And it was almost as if – okay now let’s turn our attention to finding those last few sheep and run out of here and whatever you do , DONT LOOK BACK!
    Each word and each breath is precious to Him and you faithful ones whom have been seeking Him and following hard after Him have nothing to fear but just keep getting ready for the wedding! And He is faithful and just to keep them entrusted to Him. He is about to do something BIG…
    Shabbat shalom.

  3. Susan Elizabeth

    Please pray for the Elijah evangelists God is sending to NYC very soon before the firey kick-off event.

    Please pray this will happen right before it is destroyed.

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