All the young cannibals – Watchman Marah

All the young cannibals

March 28, 2020 2:33 PM
Watchman Marah

My brothers & sisters in Christ;

This particular subject seems to get different reactions from different people. I believe our God pointed out foods we shouldn’t eat for a reason, and humans are definitely not Kosher, nor are we listed on His menu.

I had two dreams and saw a news show that completely went along with my dreams. It is already come to America. It is still under ground. But it is here already.

Dream 1:

was around 2010: In this dream I was in a grocery store shopping, and I turned into the meat section. I was looking at the sales and as I turned around, my face paled at what I saw.

There on a table were fetuses and babies piled one on top of each other like chickens. And people were picking them up by the ankles to test freshness, weigh them and bag them.

I was aghast at what I saw. I looked at the peoples faces and they seemed callous and unmoved emotionally, just shopping for food.

Then I awoke.

Years later I was in YouTube and watching a News team talking to a guy from India or Pakistan. This man held out a dish to try and he said it had human meat in it. So the male member of that team ate a sample of the dish and remarked on the flavor of the meat.

I no longer listen to main stream news….

The thing that bothered me the most was his eagerness to try human meat. He didn’t seem to have any feelings what-so-ever in the concept of “Humans as food”.

I would ask; Who is this, a man, woman or child? Who are they? And HOW did this person get into this casserole? I am relatively sure it wasn’t voluntary.

I suspect it is from the human trafficking of men, women and children for the harvesting of organs and meat and for satanic rituals and
Under ground markets.

My Lord! When we get to this state we are lost.

Dream 2:

Then I had another dream in late 2019. It was turmoil everywhere, earthquakes, super storms, war, chaos. Military bases taking people in and feeding the people.

These bases also sold food. Among the “Food” being sold were infants and fetuses, which were being grabbed up by women to feed their household’s. I stood in the parking lots and watched and listened to these women. They were discussing ways of cooking these babies…. So with righteous indignation rising up in me I tried to reason with these women.

I pointed out the fact that we still had food. There was no reason to resort to eating human flesh. I pointed out how low a culture has gotten if they have to resort to eating people. And they got defensive and became like crazy people defending their actions. We have to survive, they screamed….

My sisters and brothers. We are witnesses to the fact that this world is in moral decay.

We see things today, that couldn’t be imagined back in the days of the 1960’s and 70’s. With wholesome TV shows, church and honoring ones parents. There was a morality and a patriotism that was respected by all. I am in my 70’s now. I have a perspective, and memories of a very different USA. My USA died after the Reagan administration. It was at that time that the culture really started to change for me. Political correctness was snaking it’s way into the political arena. And little by little it changed to the America today.

There is no going back. But there is a harvest to bring in. When a person truly gets born again, God changes our hearts. I was radically saved. I was into new age teachings, occult, astrology and all sort of teachings. When I was born again, God wrote His laws on my heart and I was a completely different person.

What is impossible for us to change, is not impossible for our God.

My mother would say, “I just don’t understand it. You are so different, you have changed so much!”
I did not realize that I was so changed. God gave me a new life, old things passed away, now all things were new!

We need to get out there and WITNESS. I brought in more people to the kingdom of God through my personal testimony and what God did for me! That is what people want to hear.

What did God do for you. How has His coming into your life changed you.

Try it. They’ll like it. Why? Because it comes down to their level. They want to know what God can do for them.

My friends and relatives saw the change in me. I must say though, it takes longer to reach family than it does to reach friends.

But I did lead my parents and my 4 children
to the Lord, and many co-workers and friends.

I love all my family in Christ. I encourage you all to start talking about your New best friend and what He has done for you. And be sure to let them know that He would love to be their new best friend too.

Watchman Marah


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