All the young cannibals – Watchman Marah

All the young cannibals

March 28, 2020 2:33 PM
Watchman Marah

My brothers & sisters in Christ;

This particular subject seems to get different reactions from different people. I believe our God pointed out foods we shouldn’t eat for a reason, and humans are definitely not Kosher, nor are we listed on His menu.

I had two dreams and saw a news show that completely went along with my dreams. It is already come to America. It is still under ground. But it is here already.

Dream 1:

was around 2010: In this dream I was in a grocery store shopping, and I turned into the meat section. I was looking at the sales and as I turned around, my face paled at what I saw.

There on a table were fetuses and babies piled one on top of each other like chickens. And people were picking them up by the ankles to test freshness, weigh them and bag them.

I was aghast at what I saw. I looked at the peoples faces and they seemed callous and unmoved emotionally, just shopping for food.

Then I awoke.

Years later I was in YouTube and watching a News team talking to a guy from India or Pakistan. This man held out a dish to try and he said it had human meat in it. So the male member of that team ate a sample of the dish and remarked on the flavor of the meat.

I no longer listen to main stream news….

The thing that bothered me the most was his eagerness to try human meat. He didn’t seem to have any feelings what-so-ever in the concept of “Humans as food”.

I would ask; Who is this, a man, woman or child? Who are they? And HOW did this person get into this casserole? I am relatively sure it wasn’t voluntary.

I suspect it is from the human trafficking of men, women and children for the harvesting of organs and meat and for satanic rituals and
Under ground markets.

My Lord! When we get to this state we are lost.

Dream 2:

Then I had another dream in late 2019. It was turmoil everywhere, earthquakes, super storms, war, chaos. Military bases taking people in and feeding the people.

These bases also sold food. Among the “Food” being sold were infants and fetuses, which were being grabbed up by women to feed their household’s. I stood in the parking lots and watched and listened to these women. They were discussing ways of cooking these babies…. So with righteous indignation rising up in me I tried to reason with these women.

I pointed out the fact that we still had food. There was no reason to resort to eating human flesh. I pointed out how low a culture has gotten if they have to resort to eating people. And they got defensive and became like crazy people defending their actions. We have to survive, they screamed….

My sisters and brothers. We are witnesses to the fact that this world is in moral decay.

We see things today, that couldn’t be imagined back in the days of the 1960’s and 70’s. With wholesome TV shows, church and honoring ones parents. There was a morality and a patriotism that was respected by all. I am in my 70’s now. I have a perspective, and memories of a very different USA. My USA died after the Reagan administration. It was at that time that the culture really started to change for me. Political correctness was snaking it’s way into the political arena. And little by little it changed to the America today.

There is no going back. But there is a harvest to bring in. When a person truly gets born again, God changes our hearts. I was radically saved. I was into new age teachings, occult, astrology and all sort of teachings. When I was born again, God wrote His laws on my heart and I was a completely different person.

What is impossible for us to change, is not impossible for our God.

My mother would say, “I just don’t understand it. You are so different, you have changed so much!”
I did not realize that I was so changed. God gave me a new life, old things passed away, now all things were new!

We need to get out there and WITNESS. I brought in more people to the kingdom of God through my personal testimony and what God did for me! That is what people want to hear.

What did God do for you. How has His coming into your life changed you.

Try it. They’ll like it. Why? Because it comes down to their level. They want to know what God can do for them.

My friends and relatives saw the change in me. I must say though, it takes longer to reach family than it does to reach friends.

But I did lead my parents and my 4 children
to the Lord, and many co-workers and friends.

I love all my family in Christ. I encourage you all to start talking about your New best friend and what He has done for you. And be sure to let them know that He would love to be their new best friend too.

Watchman Marah

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  1. My faithfulness

    God has brought me out of darkness and into to the light and given me so much peace. He loves me for who I am ! He puts no judgement on me, I am who I am! He forgives me for my sins and loves me no matter what. Feels me with so much Joy so that I can withstand the devil. He restores my mind and allows me to gather good thoughts of people even when they don’t deserve it. The love I have in my heart no man on earth can take away because it came from the Father! Jesus, died on the cross to save us from sin. All we have to do is receive him. Our Father gave his only begotten Son so that we can have life more abundantly. So anything we ask in his name should be given to us. He is a God of Peace. So this turmoil that is going on is not of God! This is our time to share the gospel of Jesus 2 Chronicles 7:14. Turn to his word for comfort.

  2. Wow. I believe this time is coming, when food runs out, people may resort to this, and there is scripture on it. I had a dream of zombies and found out that there is a type of disease called kuru that makes people like zombies. People catch this disease from cannibalism. It is the same as mad cow disease, which cows got from eating cow meat. All these things are coming in the tribulation. God bless

  3. Ireland Marie Johansson

    The Ireland Marie Johansson Prophecy:

    Tsunamis are coming to the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA. Abortion at nine months. All of the ridiculous face surgeries. Look on TV. Look at Katy Perry. Look at Catherine Zeta-Jones. Almost all of the elites are doing this to their faces and bodies. This is an abomination. Normal people made in God’s image are vanishing.

    At Stanford University, they have been experimenting on live beating hearts from partial birth abortion babies. This was revealed at the recent trial in San Francisco of the two undercover journalists working against Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of aborted body parts. The journalists were found guilty. They should have received the Congressional Medal of Honor and been invited to the White House by the President. 

    There is pornography. The innocence of youth is lost. Drugs. Weapons sales. Yemen war and famine and a giant sandstorm explored in Matthew 24. Syria. Drone killings. Major US and UK banks were fined for laundering billions for the drug cartels. Our elites have been funding ISIS to kill Christians. 

    Traditional values, holiness and purity are under attack. Biological science is ignored. New genders are invented. Sin does not exist. The only sin is intolerance. We stand for nothing and support every kind of evil, and then call that “tolerance” a virtue. Americans tolerated many evils for far too long. At first, people did not know or understand the evils. But now there is no excuse to do so. 

    There exists a large group of prophets on Youtube.com talking about the coming tsunamis. And others mention a coming global earthquake. Amara Onubia is one of them. Jesus Bride mentioned a giant sandstorm and Two Witnesses. Why are all of these random people dreaming of tsunamis? 

    The Corona Virus is just the beginning. Things will not go back to normal. What was considered normal was already wicked. God has been pushed. God will judge our nation and the world. Whatever the End Times are, we are now in them. Do you see MLB Spring Training this year? NBA? NHL? NCAA March Madness? NFL Scouting Combine? Sports are over. Sunday used to belong to God. Then the NCAA and NFL took over Saturday and Sunday. God has now taken Sunday back for Himself. There are cracks emerging everywhere. We made false idols from Sports and Hollywood. God doesn’t tolerate any rivals. 

    If God wants to take back the airwaves, and people’s attention, you will see the loss of the Internet, MTV, music and Social Media. Many people made a god of social media. Now we have social distancing. This is a warning to get right with the Creator and put aside all of the ridiculous nonsense and distractions. The loss of the Internet and iPhones will drive Generation X and the Millennials insane. Just as sports have vanished, the technology of distraction may also soon vanish. 9/11. Sandy. Katrina. Rita. Harvey. Asian Tsunami of 2004. Corona. These demonstrate the fragile nature of our global society. 

    Much worse is to come. New York. Los Angeles. San Francisco. New Orleans. Las Vegas. Seattle. Miami. Look for more things to happen. Look at the locust swarms in North Africa and the Middle East. Look at what is happening to China and North Korea. Nations like China and North Korea murder unborn little girls. And many Islamic nations kill Christians. They are already being judged. (Saudi Arabia in Yemen is but one example. Russia defeating the US and Saudi Arabia and ISIS and al-Qaeda inside Syria is another.) 

    In New York City, the elites projected the Kali image on the Empire State Building. Governor Andrew Cuomo lit up the city with Pink Lights over his live birth abortion laws. Then concerning the Corona Virus, he now says “every life is precious.” They smiled and cheered when he signed that late term abortion law. You will see a nuclear weapon and/or a tsunami in New York City. The financial elites need an event to cover their tracks. The Status 6 Cobalt tsunami torpedo from Russia could be a part of this scenario. 

    The false idols are gone. Wall Street fraud. Fake printed money. Sports. Stanford closed. Empty shelves. People trapped while sick on cruise ships. Hollywood stars admired for their beauty now look like lizards. As noted, they want to change their faces and bodies with plastic. Now God will send the plastic in the oceans over the land. In ancient Egypt, they worshipped frogs as gods, so God filled the land with frogs, and lice and darkness. 

    International and domestic travel is being undone. People are sheltering in place where they will finally have time to pray and think, if they make good use of that time. 

    The Satanic elites are revealing themselves. Look at the Swiss tunnel opening ceremony. Look at the Antlers. Look at the logos for Pepsi, AOL and many other corporations. The All Seeing Eye. It’s right there to see. Look at the Super Bowl halftime show and how it has evolved since the late 1970’s. 

    As a rule, Satanists must reveal to ordinary Christians what their plans are. As you can see, there is no opposition. The University of California at Berkeley has actually asked to set up an abortion clinic on the campus. Funding was approved by the California State Legislature, which puts Sacramento under a curse. 

    Now the Bride of Christ must fast and pray, to be without spot or blemish, and prepare to do great works. Imagine the two toughest kids on main street – eventually they’re going to fight. Which one of those kids are you? The Bride of Christ or the Satanist? That’s it. That’s all that’s left. 

    Others have dreamed of tsunamis. And still others have dreamed of Two Witnesses and Two Visitors in a hospital. The dates of 3.16.17 and 3.17.17 have been noted for these specific types of dreams all around the world. No one seems to be able to find a thread that connects them. Perhaps that is the date The Two Witnesses received their calling from God for a three and a half year ministry. Who can say for sure? But the Holy Spirit is at work. 

    Do not be deceived, even if progress is made with vaccines for Corona, (the Israelis seem to be making the most progress right now) tsunamis and global earthquakes are coming. (I have noted the Amara Onubia Youtube.com video.) Something people cannot blame on global warming. God is mocked no longer. 

    Stanford, along with Saudi Aramco and the petrodollar, is the heart of the Deep State. The cup of wrath is overflowing in God’s throne room. Is Stanford open or closed? Saudi Aramco is falling apart. Houthi attacks on infrastructure. Oil price. IPO. 9/11 lawsuits. Vision 2030. Yemen war for more oil and gas fields all but lost – until China sends troops to take Yemen. This is not an accident. 

    This is a warning to Americans that our main systemic economic pillar is under judgment. Without Stanford University, there would be no Saudi Aramco. Without Saudi Aramco, there would be no petrodollar. Without the petrodollar, there would be no ability to print fake money and export inflation to the rest of the world left holding U.S. Dollars. Our standard of living flows from oil and paper.

    Each abortion and other crimes against a child every single day on Earth, anywhere, releases another angel or legion of angels for judgment. There are angels who guard the shorelines of the Earth’s coastlands from the ocean waves. Those angels are in position and are waiting their signal. San Francisco/Oakland/San Mateo will be hit. And the Captree Basin, near Babylon, Long Island, New York. 

    I mentioned that Russia could make this happen with the Status 6 Tsunami Torpedo. “Putin’s Brain” is a man who feels The West and the United States is controlled by Satan. Michael Snyder published an article about “Putin’s Brain.” The TV show “Carnivale” on HBO explained how the Antichrist leaves Russia to reposition himself in the United States during the 1930’s Dust Bowl Days.

    Remember, Satanists have to tell Christians what they are up to. “Messiah” on Netflix seems to mention tsunamis coming to America and to the world as a part of God’s wrath. “He wants to bring the flood.” Season 1, Episode 8. What are the elites trying to tell humanity through “Carnivale” and “Messiah?” 

    Remember that abortion is a blood sacrifice to Satan. It is also aimed at gathering tissue for the human genome (patents), Super Soldiers, cloning, medical treatments and other biotechnology. The elites want to live forever. And abortion, computers and AI are a part of this quest. This is Satan’s counterfeit of eternal life. Of course there is so much we don’t know. The year 2035 is seen as the year that Mankind Becomes Immortal. Time Magazine has made this meme a cover story. At this pace, we may not get to 2035. 

    Again, God and Satan are the two toughest kids on the street. Now those two kids are going to fight. We cannot avoid this ensuing battle. 
    When you see the West Coast and the East Coast of the United States covered with ocean water, you will know, finally, that judgment has come. This is probably why the NSA moved their main facility to Utah. They know both coasts will be lost. Ask yourself this question: Would the average American or world citizen really care if New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and even New Orleans were all put under the ocean? (Houston was warned by Harvey. Houston is a home to both Planned Parenthood and Saudi Aramco.) 

    It’s time to prepare spiritually. Guns, freeze dried food, gold – nothing is going to save you now. Only God can save you. Purity. Holiness. Repentance. This is what God demands now. This is all that matters. Can God be any clearer through the Corona Virus? The homeless. The open border. The worthless university degrees. The Woke Stupidity. Supply Chain reliant on China. All of this must change. More is just around the bend. 

  4. Vincent Pate

    I wouldn’t eat human flesh…… yuck!

  5. Arizona

    IN america the people hate anyone whos poor,homeless,they send out Satans wolfpack,the police gangs to collect them up and sell them to anyone who’ll pay the price of hamburger for them,MEN,WOMEN AND CHILDREN,are taken prisoner to be sold as food to other countries and teen age kids are kidnapped off the streets by the police gangs THEN their taken to closed stores where their throat is cut,their blood drained out to be sold to rich devils ,WHO ARE THE IDOLS OF AMERICA.,after their blood is drained out,their cut up like fat pigs for food.your ALL just sick puppies,Thank goodness not many of you will be allowed into heaven,no one there wants you for sure…

  6. David Mehew

    Arizona – Yes, there is much evil in America hidden away and slowly surfacing. Each act of evil will be recompensed, God isn’t mocked. It is beyond unacceptable what goes on in the byways away from public eye. But someone sees; when he judges, people will know it was him. NOONE GETS AWAY WITH ANYTHING.

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