All Scripture Proclaims the Words of the Lord! – Sue Piccini

All Scripture Proclaims the Words of the Lord!

June 4, 2019
Sue Piccini


“ Daughter, tell My people”…. “ Are your ready for My return? Are you watching and waiting for Me?” “ My Word and My Watchers have been preparing you all for such a time as this. I have told you that I would return as I left, in the clouds; are you looking for Me Children? Do you feel My presence around you? The time draws neigh and I need you all to be ready. Prepare the way Children, for My Coming, know that I am near and your time to leave for Home is near.”

“ The Horses are riding, the Seals are open and the time of the End is at hand. Listen to what the Spirit is saying to all My Watchers and know that I Am is coming for His Bride. You, My Children, are NOT Appointed for My Wrath, therefore, you will be Home with Me.”

“ My Wrath and the appointed time for Satan to take his place is upon you. Hear Me now people of the Earth, the evil that you proclaim is coming for you. Get ready to proclaim your new King Satan whom you have desired for so long. I am going to take My hands off of this World and give you all what you have been asking for for so long. Now is your time to get the ending you so desire. My sadness for the end is unending, but this is what you have all desired, therefore, with a very sad heart, I give you your desires.”

“Children of the Most High God, My Love for you and My Joy is unending for you all and soon you will have the desires of You Hearts and will be Home with Me for all Eternity.”


Yeshua Ha Mashiach Comes!!

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  1. Tim

    To all with ears to hear,

    Read what the Father has revealed to His servant, Sue. Only through Him will you comprehend these words – this is why Jesus said there is only one shepherd and one teacher.

    God does not change. In Genesis who was given dominion over the earth? Something important happened afterwards – what? In the New Testament, after John baptized Jesus (“to fulfill all righteousness”), Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days and was tempted by whom? What did this one tell Jesus? (Btw, Jesus refused).

    Now, consider this – O.T. teaching was “an eye for an eye” (Israelites took this as a RIGHT to judge others, whereas GOD is the ONLY judge); Jesus taught the same, but with different words – “you reap what you sow”.

    It is with these factors that one needs to consider Sue’s prophecy. As a servant, I can only lead you to the water; you DRINK IT through the Holy Spirit. Ask Him for His discernment.

    This is crunch time, people.

    A brother in Christ,


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