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ALL OF A SUDDEN… – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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March 2, 2023 9:15 AM
Whitney Eslick Manuel


I had a dream in the early hours of the morning that may be significant (I say this because it’s my daughter’s birthday today and prophetic experiences that coincide with meaningful dates in my life such as these seem to be highlighted by the LORD). Anyway, here is the dream:

In the dream I was in my home near evening time. All of a sudden, I noticed the winds really starting to whip up violently. I looked outside and said something about it to my family. While looking outside my back living room window, I saw a large portion of one of our big trees in the backyard break off and come crashing down. It seemed like it might crash into part of our home, but I don’t think it did. Soon after this, I noticed the home was taking in water. I called out for my brother-in-law, Mike (who lives in NC; we live in SC), to come and see. For some reason Mike was in our house. As Mike was inspecting the indoor flooding, the water started to bubble from below with small bubbles. I wondered at this. Then, it seemed like we were now in an unfinished basement. I observed the water bubbling on one side, but then looked over to the right where there was a dirt floor. This soil was also having small air bubbles slowly coming up to the surface. As I wondered what this all meant, I noticed my parents looking at each other with a knowing look as if they knew what this was an early warning sign of and that whatever it was, was serious. We all went up the stairs from the basement and I asked my parents what this meant, but they refused to tell me. It seemed like they were trying to protect me from panic or something, but their refusal to tell me made me angry. I told them I needed to know what was going to happen so I could prepare. The dream ended with me trying to get on my cell phone and look up what those 2 early warning signs could indicate was coming in the way of natural disasters. I don’t know if the water and soil in the dream were releasing air or some kind of gas. If anyone is knowledgeable about this, I’d really appreciate your input and information. As it is, I haven’t been able to find anything solid online about these phenomena.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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