All My Children Are Flawed to Some Extent – LynL

All My Children Are Flawed to Some Extent

September 25, 2023 10:45 AM


I Am in each and every one of you. I reside deep within. I Am you conscious, I Am your moral compass. I watch you when you have “messed up”, I watch when you do good, I watch when you are figuring out what action should be taken. I try to give you ideas, without pushing too hard, for I never want to supercede your free will.
Your choices, many times, are not the choices I would have hoped you would have made. I whisper, “Should you really take the route you have chosen”? But my whispers are usually ignored. When you do take the correct action, rarely do you regret what you have done. You know morally it was the correct course of action, and generally you are proud that you took the more difficult road, the truthful road.
None of my children are perfect. They are all flawed to some extent. A perfect child would have very little to learn while on Earth. Earth is your learning ground and makes you, who you will become. Without situations that need your attention, no choices need to be made. Each choice gives you opportunities to better yourselves. Some of my children take these opportunities and thrive with the choices they made. My other children, still have many hurdles to overcome in life and many new choices they have yet to try.
Time is certainly running out, to make different choices and to change the direction they have been going.
Always do what is right, not what is convenient. Your final destination is at stake.


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