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All is Not as it Appears – Solitary Man

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All is Not as it Appears

September 12, 2023 7:29 PM
Solitary Man


This last week I had to travel a very long distance to attend a wedding of a close family member. Firstly, viewing the average person in this different city and province of Canada made me realise that even after 3 and a half years of destruction, death, and the loss of most freedoms, no one is behaving as if any evil thing has just taken place. All continue to vacation, spend money, show off their wealth, and seemingly have not a care in the world. In six days I detected not a trace of any fear of the Lord. There seems to be no sign that any one has noticed that God is in the midst of bringing Canada to ruin. The cars are still new, the houses are large, regardless of the price of gas and food and drink, many still go to and fro, as if nothing has occurred.

If that was not sobering enough, then the wedding that occurred certainly grabbed my attention. The bride and groom, both believers, conducted themselves in a manner that communicated something, but not their faith. The bride wore an immodest outfit, and spent prodigiously on this affair, far over and above what was reasonable and sensible. The groom embarrassed himself by his clothing and his behaviour during the ceremony, treating the whole episode like some sort of standup comedy routine.

Right in the midst of the actual ceremony, the following word of the Lord came to me, and I wrote it down as best as I could recollect it, as soon as I was able to get away and find a place to write.

My son, do you see how my people despise my covenants and make mockery of what is sacred? Do they think I do not see? That fair words and good deeds on one day can cancel out the indifference and unbelief that lodges deep within their hearts? Is this not the time that all secret things will come to light?

Do you now see why my judgments are set, why my decree is final? I have brought you here this weekend, not only to see those in the land who eat and drink and play as if nothing is wrong, but to see the truth concerning your own flesh and blood. They are like most in my body, who will honour me amongst their own, but are not at home unless they are with those of Babylon and Egypt. Amongst those are where they truly act natural, because that is where their hearts belong.

Prayer is all that you have left now. The end is not only coming, it is already here. Do not mourn for yourself, mourn for those who think they know me, but do not. Destruction has been appointed for Canada, and none shall escape. Only intercession can give the deluded a final opportunity to see themselves as they really are.

As you prepare your mind and make ready for the next difficult thing, do not fret over any one who will not come along. Soon the door will be shut, and the final cleansing will begin. Until then, let these things serve as a warning to continue in the fear of the Lord. Spend this winter stretching your faith in the secret place. Learn to believe for the things that you have always doubted. Only my faithful ones, my consistent ones, will be able to affect any change in my plans that I have purposed upon the land.

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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