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All Americans MUST hear this message! – Salt of the Earth

All Americans MUST hear this message!

November 8, 2020
Salt of the Earth

A strong message from Yahshua Hamashiach:

Trump will overcome this legal battle. He will return to office one more. Then, he will be usurped by the enemy and the fall of America will begin. Get ready for world war three.

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this is a message from yahshua
please listen to the full message for
repentance is necessary in this
hour america
you have been weighed and found wanting
so very few in your land have repented
and even fewer still give me the glory
you stay in your homes and you worship
your false gods
all the while you know not what your
country is becoming
for i shall make it a habitation of
a dark nation to go with your dark
behold i have bundled the tares together
and they are stacked like piles of wood
in the cities and towns
ready for the fire you
men and women of the churches you come
together in vain
and you offer your lips to my ears
all the while holding back your hearts
from me
you pray for the blessings you pray for
and you pray for material things yet you
do nothing to stop the evil that has
been spreading across your land
you do nothing to stop the thefts and
the murders
and the aberrations being committed in
your own nation
your children are taken daily by the
as you place them in front of the very
things which you say you hate
hypocrites because you love the dark
and because you trade good for evil you
are on the precipice of disaster
leaders are coming in who represent your
not mine those who are meet for
in your land you offer up your cup for
me to bless
but i will give you a cup full of the
and the filth of which this place has
you are ripe for destruction america
if you refuse to turn back to me
rioting and wars will continue
your men will kill each other for fun
your children will be offered up as
your mouths will become dry and your
bellies will become empty
you will eat the flesh of your own and
you will run
to and fro in fear the spiritual famine
has already begun
as this darkness grows you will not know
from where this evil comes
repent repent and come back to me before
it is too late
your time is short seek me while i can
still be found
for my remnant and for my bride
you will continue to sound the trumpet
in this land
do not stop nor hesitate
when you witness the evil taking over
pray psalm 91 over yourselves and your
remember a thousand shall fall by your
and ten thousand at your right hand but
it shall not come near thee
i even i yahushua hamashiach
will keep you safe and i will be by your
always i will never leave you
and i will supernaturally protect you
when it is necessary
do not fear but continue in the tasks
that i have given each of you
stay in my word abide in my commands
let no man try to trick or deceive you
for you have been chosen and you are
mine my choice wheats
will be brought together and protected
when the darkness
comes be ready
keep your lamps full of oil and prepare
to bring in
and guide my lost sheep pray
ceaselessly and please pray over those
that are perishing
and that’s the end of the message
i pray this finds you well may the grace
of yahshua
be with you


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