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Aliens & Internment Camp forcing Microchip – Ashley Watkins

Aliens & Internment Camp forcing Microchip

Aug 16, 2019, 7:59 AM
Ashley Watkins

Hello, and God Bless !! So I watch this youtube channel and there was this word he read about a vision of a fake alien invasion.  I have had several dreams of aliens coming but yes I know their not aliens but fallen Angel’s. I will do my best to describe the last two I had that were very vivid and what I remember.  If they are not shared it is fine but someone suggested that I submit them to yall.

Dream 1)  
In this dream was a young couple that I had met shortly before that was messed up on drugs and I was trying to lead them to Jesus ( real life ) . We were walking through a city with tall buildings and there was aliens flying around in saucers above all the buildings. Everyone was in a panic . These saucers started to suck people up out of the top of these buildings.  I quickly ran over to this young couple and told them we must pray now for them to recieve the baptism of the Holy Ghost if they did not wanna be taken with everyone else. We began to pray loudly in a small circle of just us 3. I woke up.
Not 100% sure but to me I believe this meant there would possibly be a fake invasion to cover up the rapture of the saints.
Dream 2)
I was standing around with my family and huge space ships started coming down. These beings got out and I started telling everyone these are demons do not be deceived.
Immediately I was in a camp with many other people and higher authorities were forcing people to accept a microchip.  I was fighting back refusing to accept it. I jumped over some desk and hide underneath it. Then all of the sudden I heard loud noises and looked up it was the 4 horsemen of revelation riding together with like fire all around them. I woke up.
I usually do not remember my dreams but these 2 and a couple more I have had I have remembered.  They may just be from me watching too much youtube lol and my subconscious working while I sleep but I do sorta feel they could mean something. But I wanted to share ! Yall take it from here !!

My name is Ashley Watkins and i live in Mississippi !

I have a had a couple more dreams also that don’t involve aliens and maybe I will send those soon also ! Thanks again and God Bless!!


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