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Alien infiltrated – Alcidez A Torrez


Alien infiltrated

August 6, 2023 7:37 PM
Alcidez A Torrez

Shalom everyone, I want to share this dream. I know that there is much talk about the great deception of aliens that are nothing more than fallen angels, demons and reptilians. this dream was in may 2023.

In my dream I was in a small building and two agents like government or FBI agents were talking and one of them approached me and asked me something, but I don’t know what I was wondering why I didn’t pay attention because I was astonished to see his real face, it was really horrible, big black eyes all over and his skin kind of pale and gray and then he understood that I could see his real face and he approached the other fbi agent but this one was human. He just worked with them and whispered in the agent’s ear but God at that moment allowed me to hear what he said, the non-human agent told him; He can see me, the other agent just answered How? and then I told him again; He can see my face, at that moment I looked around and there were more human people there but none of them could see the real face of that agent who was not human and I felt a little frustrated but I could see him clearly his face was very ugly as similar to the aliens that appear in the movies.

At that moment I understood that somehow they use a mechanism to appear like human beings but God allowed me to see their true face and they are really ugly and at that moment I woke up from my dream.


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