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Alien Cube Deception – Anonymous

Alien Cube Deception

January 28, 2023 4:48 PM

April 16, 2022

I was in a vast parking area that spanned miles with fields . There were many people there, more than could be counted and we were waiting for the arrival of the “visitors from space” . All people had been instructed to wait there but I had the distinct impression that this was pure evil deception and began to talk to other Christians I knew that we needed to escape . Several men were onboard but were distracted by their families and wives and did not go . One Christian brother said he would meet me in the parking area. The thing that we were waiting for arrived. It was a giant cube as big as a small mountain that landed in the arena they had set up. It was intensely evil and I knew that though there was a semblance of freedom by the authorities encouraging people to participate in the greeting that if people tried to leave they would be apprehended.

As it landed I made my escape with my autistic child who for some reason had lost his pants but I could not stop to find them. I ran to a large building that looked like the headquarters of the United Nations and was trying to make my way through the building. Everywhere on the ceilings were screens broadcasting the arrival of the :Visitors” and it looked like the Olympic Ceremonies with news broad casters everywhere.

As I made my way through the building, I got lost and ended up in a long corridor that looked like the hall leading to the meditation room (which has a large cube) and was looking for a way out when suddenly President Trump came out of a door. He saw me and I froze because it was obvious that I was trying to escape and I began to pray in the Spirit. He said “Hey, why aren’t you out directing traffic” ? ” Almost weak with relief realizing that I was supernaturally disguised, I said, “I’m sorry sir. I will go immediately.” At that moment, another parking attendant came out and began to engage in conversation so I left and found an exit to the parking garage.

The parking garage was very deep and had many levels so I hoped that I could get out by going up the ramp to get to the top floors because I could not find the exit. I kept looking for my friend who said he would meet me. Other cars were also attempting to leave but water started pouring down the ramp and I had to duck into a stair well while the other cars turned around. These cars could find no way out.


When I first had this dream I did not recognize the building I was running through but soon after, I looked up the word “cube” and found that the building I had dreamed about was the UN headquarters. The hallway I was walking in led to a room that looked like the meditation room wth the cube that is a cult of a New World Worship and also representative of the cult of Saturn (whose number is 666)
The room President Trump was coming out of looked like the entrance to the United Nation conference room. When I looked that up the mural on the wall, it is telling as all the imagery is demonic and speaks of the subjugation of the human race to the New World Order.

In all dreams that i have about these clearly end of the world events, there is always a protection or a kind of deliverance but a necessity for separation and escape and a resistance to going along with everyone else as these events unfold.

Amos 3:7
Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.

Revelation 13

May Yahweh bless anyone reads this and give further insight into the meanings of this dream if it is His will. Always take everything to Him in prayer.


Security council meeting room at the UN (With images) | Council chamber, Architecture, Historic …

Security council meeting room at the UN (With images) | Council chamber, Architecture, Historic …

Security council meeting room at the UN (With images) | Council chamber, Architecture, Historic …

a Word from the Lord given that morning after I wrote it down in regards to the parking lot.

” I am showing you where humanity is parked – in massive concrete graves. They are worshipping at the feet of technology and those who escape will be caught if they stay in the parking lot.” .


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