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ALERT! LATTERRAIN333 REFUGE NETWORK: Alternative Communities

July 18, 2023 1:44 PM
Elizabeth Marie

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for praying for me recently concerning the ‘birthing,’ and launching of a NEW MINISTRY that the LORD has led me into.

This BLOG includes the outline of this NEW MINISTRY, as well as a MESSAGE that I received from the LORD on 7/10/23 (below).

The last couple months have been an amazing journey so far, as the LORD has been giving me NEW REVELATIONS, a NEW DIRECTION, and a NEW PROJECT. In putting all the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ together, HE is leading many of us to come together, as in the EARLY CHURCH! This is a continuation of the SAFE HAVENS MISSION, however it has been changed, modified, and updated, to the present times that we are living in.


For many who do not know, back in 2018, the LORD had given me a ‘mantle’ of helping facilitate SAFE HAVENS for HIS people. It was a very exciting time, as many of the havens started developing, and people were ‘waking up,’ as they started preparing for what is coming in the future. I was given many messages, that you can read HERE.

However, after a little over a year, the momentum of the SAFE HAVEN movement started waning, and people started to go back to their everyday lives, thinking they had more time. The SAFE HAVENS, that were set up, suffered many set backs….the main one being that there were NO LABORERS OR WORKERS!

The LORD showed me that this LACK OF LABORERS or WORKERS became the MAIN issue why this SAFE HAVEN movement started ‘dissolving.’ It reminds me of this Scripture:

“Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the LABORERS ARE FEW; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Luke 10:2

Fast forward to today, and many of these Safe Havens have now become either

non-existent, stagnant….or, ‘dormant.


Now, I believe that the LORD is about to ‘STIR THINGS UP,’ again in the SPIRIT, so HIS people can become more prepared for what is coming.

Three words that I had been given initially was:




It was my understanding that the LORD is, one again, calling HIS children to re-visit the concept of Safe Havens/Zones, because the times are getting desperate…. and things are NOT going back to the way they once were.

Right now, we are only in the ‘EYE OF THE HURRICANE,’ where things are fairly calm….however, soon we will experience the back-side of the storm, which will be far worse!

The LORD showed me that since most did not pay heed back in 2018, that these ‘new’ havens now will look very different. The ‘ABUNDANCE’ that was to come originally, will now become ‘SUFFICIENCY‘ instead. This is because we don’t have a lot of time left before BIG changes are coming to society: The Beast system is rising quickly, with its MARK becoming mandatory. Also, on the horizon are pockets of GRID BLACK OUTS, WAR, and a new DIGITAL ECONOMY.

In other words, our time has become ‘limited’ to get our ‘households in order.’


So, recently, after pouring out my heart to the LORD, I received a further understanding….and a NEW DIRECTION to go in! It was as clear as crystal, that HIS work for the SAFE HAVENS were NOT over….but, initially, they will look different. These are the REFUGE ZONES are the ‘shining lights’ that I have seen in dream visions on a map of the U.S.

Now the LORD wants to do a ‘new thing,’ through this ministry, and is calling on those who ‘have ears to hear.’

For now, instead of people ‘moving’ to SAFE HAVENS…..they are now to

‘shelter in place’……unless you clearly hear otherwise from the LORD.

This ‘sheltering in place’ will include starting SMALL GROUPS within our homes or communities to come together for fellowship, prayer, and service. Where 2 or 3 are gathering in JESUS’s name, HE will be there, and will SUPERNATURALLY MULTIPLY these groups.


These groups are to be set up as COMMUNITY/PRAYER HUBS, with CHRIST as the center. They will function as house churches that come together, intentionally, to help start ALTERNATIVE COMMUNITIES, apart from the Beast System. This will include preparing the BRIDE spiritually for HIS coming, such as PERSECUTION, as well as, learning self-sufficiency, such as homesteading skills.

The goal is to bring UNITY back to the BODY OF CHRIST, through community and prayer, much like the EARLY CHURCH. These groups will become essential in these last days, as persecutions, and restrictions comes.

The model will be similar to what happened with Peter, in the Book of ACTS, when he was jailed… was his SMALL GROUP that prayed for him, which released the ANGEL OF THE LORD to go, and free him out of jail supernaturally!

“Peter was therefore kept in prison, but CONSTANT PRAYER WAS OFFERED TO GOD FOR HIM BY THE CHURCH..”

“Now behold, an angel of the Lord stood by him, and a light shone in the prison; and he struck Peter on the side and raised him up, saying, “Arise quickly!” And his chains fell off his hands.” Acts 12:5;7

So shall it be again! Miracles are coming through the power of answered prayer! We can, and will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the Kingdom, if we would just take the time, like the Early Church did!


These community/prayer hubs will not be on their own, but will be part of the covering of the LATTERRAIN333 Ministry. Though each group will be separate, they will part of a greater whole….the BODY OF CHRIST. This ministry will provide instructions, teachings, updates, prayer topics/requests, meetings, prophetic messages, and more, as the LORD leads.

There is only one thing necessary to join these community/prayer hubs….a WILLING, SERVANT’S HEART, who wants to be a “LABORER” for HIM in these Last Days. If this is you, then please CONTACT me for further information!And start praying for those DIVINE APPOINTMENTS to start manifesting in your life!


To get these COMMUNITY/PRAYER HUBS, started we need:


Remember, that all you need to start a HUB, is two or more people, and the wiliness to get started on this journey.

THE LORD IS CALLING FOR HIS LABORERS TO COME FORTH…. so if you feel that ‘tugging’ from the HOLY SPIRIT, then email me at:


***Please include the word ‘LEADER,’ a brief bio and personal testimony. We will then get back to you in the upcoming weeks with the necessary information and materials.


For those who want to be part of the PRAYER TEAM to help ‘BIRTH,’ and ‘SUPPORT,’ these Community Hubs, please contact us at:


***Please include the word: ‘PRAYER TEAM,’ as well as your BIO & Testimony. This is a very important part of the ministry, as we pray for these HUBS to come forth, be fruitful, and multiply!

***PLEASE NOTE that you can SIGN UP for BOTH TEAMS: Leaders & Prayer Warriors!


“And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, NOT FORSAKING THE ASSEMBLING OF OURSELVES TOGETHER, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.” Hebrews 10:24-25

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is


“Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy,

fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of ONE ACCORD, of one mind.” Philippians 1:1-2


On 7/10/2023, received a message from the LORD concerning these COMMUNITY PRAYER HUBS:

“Rise up NOW, oh saints of GOD, and stand firm on the ROCK from which you were hewn from. (Isaiah 51:1) Do not cower, and hide your face in the sand any longer…..but come forth in MY power, and might…taking the weapons of faith that are invisible and mighty!

I call upon you this day to come together in prayer, and unity. Push back this darkness, for the time of the end is not quite yet upon you. There is still more to do in MY KINGDOM by taking back the territory that has been given over to satan.

Take back the lost souls that have fallen so hard into his agenda. Pray for them, love on them, and show them MY WAYS. There are many that are not ‘lost causes,’ but still have a chance for salvation. This is why there is just a little more time left….to bring them into MY kingdom before the door completely closes.

All is not lost….this is a lie from the devil…for he encompasses all lies. There is always HOPE in ME, do not forget that HOPE, and take up your banner, and move forward to victory! The spiritual battle is not lost, as long as MY warriors do not retreat!

I call on MY OWN now to restructure, reorganize, and rethink their position in ME. Be as wise as serpents, and gentle as doves. Use MY wisdom from the HOLY SPIRIT to bring unity, and provision in, and through MY BODY.

Avoid the darkness at all costs. Stop spending, and wasting your time on their schemes of wickedness… and instead come up with solutions for MY people. Alternatives on how to circumvent around the barriers, and hindrances that are coming your way.

Come together, and strategize a way to live in freedom, and not be held captive.

This can only come through prayer….reverent, and intercessory prayer.

This can only come through spending time with ME on your knees.

This can only come through fasting.

Put your playthings away. Do not seek pleasure, but seek ME on these things. Take the time of pleasure, and turn it into times of prayers…..then you will see your breakthrough come!

MY people have been given all power over the enemy, but they have squandered that position, and have given,, and handed to him the upper hand.


SAY NO to all the plans of the wicked.

Start a new thing ….for desperate times call for desperate measures!

Come out of her MY PEOPLE

Come out of Babylon!

Hide under MY wings

Come together in unity for this is where great power lies.

Start intentional prayers together.

Let these cells of lights begin….

focus on walking in the light….

living in the light….

and preparing together for the days ahead!

This is MY call….

Please pay heed….

Knock and the door will open….

Seek, and you will find….when you seek with all your heart, mind & soul!

I waited, and then heard this:


Take the time to be still and hear MY VOICE

Turn off the noises…..the TV’s, computers & phones….so you can

hear MY voice!”





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