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Jan 13, 2020 6:07 PM
Melinda Goss


First I give God all the glory, all the honor and all the praise for giving me the privilege to see and to pray… to HIM BE ALL THE GLORY.
Good evening brothers and sisters I am being obedient in sharing a series of visions and several words regarding Alaska. I ask you to continue to pray as the vision received this morning was very serious indeed. I will begin with the one shown this morning and go backwards. There are two common themes about Alaska both very serious 1)Earth changes and 2)Military / invasion scenarios. God bless you all…Much love your Sister in Christ Jesus.

I was on a mountain ledge and I was being shown a village at the bottom with lots of snow and not a lot of houses. I saw military people with guns they were dressed in black. And they were going door-to-door and rounding people up at gunpoint. I asked where this was, it was Alaska! The people were being rounded up and put on buses, I saw one of the military men shoot a dog. I got the sense they were Inuit people. I asked what if anything I could do to help. I was told to pray and publish everything I’ve been shown about Alaska.

October 10, 2019
I saw an eagle flying through the clouds upward then it landed in the midst of a great Army all in full armor. Then I looked at the eagle and we became one and I began to fly over Alaska, through the clouds and I looked down and I saw the ocean was red I look to see if it was a reflection of the sky it was not. Saw dead fish and reddish-brown water I then saw a late with boiling water and gases coming up.

August 24, 2019
I saw a huge Rift or crack in the Earth to the right was a lot of snow in a hidden building.
The vents are boiling the crack is widening. O children o children why do you rejoice when the time of morning has begun. Cry out cry out for the cup is full. The indignation has begun your world is changing can’t you see, the cries have reached Heaven. The cleansing has begun. Not by your will but by mine it will be done. Watch and see watch and see.
Romans 2:8 but to those who are self-seeking and don’t obey the truth but obey unrighteousness will be wrath and indignation.

July 15, 2019
I was shown a cavern of ice and I saw many bubbles and I heard again Watch Alaska and pray for the people that their hearts will turn back to me. I was shown for the second time or oil in the waters off of Alaska, oil will begin bubbling up on the face of the Earth.

May 10, 2019
I saw military operations West Coast coast and north east coast Alaska.

October 30, 2018
I was standing on a high mountain peak. To the right were many snow covered mountains, as I look to the north I saw a red sky into the left Alaska. I saw what appeared to be a fleet of subs and ships then I noticed there was black in the water’s moving south, oil I believe. As I looked West I saw a mini military ships.

October 21, 2018
I was on top of a mountain peak North Northwest and mountains began to fall. Next I saw a big crack with rain on the right and left in the middle was a huge crack in the Earth.

October 12, 2018
I saw a 9 or 13 subs off the coast of Alaska.

October 8, 2018
I heard a Great Divide is coming, I will restore righteousness on Earth. Then I saw snow capped mountains in Alaska to the left I saw a beach with a slope and I saw military coming on the shore.

September 28, 2018
I saw a submarine northwest corner of Alaska I wrote “they have been coming in and will wait at the border with Canada.” Alaska / Russian invasion.

August 22, 2018
I was told to pray protection over God’s people. I was told to watch Alaska, that the evil ones are waiting for a specific time possibly a planetary alignment and to keep watching Alaska. I saw what appeared to be a triangle one eye symbolism / indication Fallen ones Northside of Alaska at border with Canada. Saw Alaska completely red.


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  1. If God is either allowing this Judgment or bringing this judgment to us, we should not pray against it……for it is the will of God to judge and to smite wicked America. Albeit, to pray for the salvation of individual souls that will be captured or killed is a worthy endeavor. These are serious times……..America is stained with the guilty red blood of 60 million babies……let that sink in before you judge me.

  2. Leah

    Having been born and raised in Alaska…

    There are places on the North Slope (anwr) that do have oil bubbling from the ground in places.

    Most (village)communities are only accessible by airplane or boat.The majority of Alaska is not connected to the road system.

    There are many volcanoes in Alaska that erupt regularly. One on the chain just blew last week. As well as regular systemic activity. South central area had a decent earthquake yesterday.

    There are also army and air force bases. In Anchorage and Fairbanks. As well as the counties largest fema camp and HARP.

    Not discounting your warning, but
    Alaska is a Very large, complex place.

  3. Susan Elizabeth

    Thank you for this warning as I have been in prayer about leaving AK in the very near future.

    Please, all my brothers and sisters in Christ will you please pray for my son and I that The Lord would lead us to a safe location out of this state and possibly country.

    I just need to hear from Him as to exactly where. He has already been leading me to prepare to leave.

    We really need prayer please for His protection and perfect guidance.

    Thank you

    -Susan Elizabeth

  4. Catherine

    One of my first dreams around 1986/87 when I came to Jesus was: I saw, that Russia will attack America through Alaska! now it’s coming.

  5. Yes, Catherine, you’re right about that dream you saw, & indeed it calls for much prayer. I invite you to join us, & all others who are willing, to mention us in your daily prayers. For others who already live here, I have a Word too that says approx., “that when Russia attacks Alaska, I (God) will not let them come ashore.” So there is much more to the story, & I wish I could say that about the states, but have never heard anything like that before in regards to the lower 48. rick

  6. Susan Elizabeth

    Rick, do you live up here in AK too?

    If so would you please shoot me an email?



  7. Thank you Susan, I’d love to email you. Where do I find your address? I believe you are absolutely right to seek the Lord’s answer here. There are some of us who have been ‘hidden away’ for quite some time, & we are about to be ‘set free’ & ‘set on fire’ in the coming rains we’ve been hearing about. I’m seeing posts all over now saying it is time for the latter rains to begin. To the best of my understanding, we need this final cleansing prep before going to the Wedding. One prophet told me she saw me headed south in my RV, so apparently I do leave too to enter into my calling. But I also have a Word stating that when the Russians attack at Alaska, the Lord will not let them come ashore. Now that’s a very interesting thing to consider for my family here, & it has been confirmed & verified to me by the Lord. We also know by other Words that they will attack the lower states too, but never have I heard such a promise for any of those states? He goes on to say that He is doing something special in Alaska, the reason for holding the Russians back. I’ve been praying for 10 years to know what that ‘something special’ is, but He hasn’t released that to me, yet? However, with the latter day rains also comes the healing & cleansing of our seeing & hearing that we so desperately need. So this is going to be one very exciting year for all of us! Please reply with your email info. rick

  8. Susan Elizabeth

    Dear Rick,

    Alleluia Jesus. I am tracking exactly the same as you about the latter rain and we are RIGHT THERE!! I’m so excited!!! The Lord also very loudly and clearly stopped me like you know when The Holy Spirit arrests you to speak to you where you cant move almost in the weight of His presence and He said, “you will be removed from here before this happens.” And I was at that moment impressed that I would like be on a mission too. I have been praying to be part of the Bride company to receive this final outpouring and get to serve Him as part of that elite group who have made themselves ready.



    Or if you prefer,


    I’m in Palmer. So excited to touch bases I am connected in with many true remnant believers here who are all preparing for this overflow outpouring and revival I have been in intercession and service to all our brothers and sisters and those who don’t yet know they are up here for the past few years. I love them all so much and will be staying here to keep in intercession and service to them unless Te Lord moves me because I love them too much to leave them out of fear for my own life.

  9. Melinda

    I want to give a bit of encouragement to all of you living in Alaska…I live in Fl but The Lord has had me and my team praying for Alaska (the people in Alaska) for protection and salvation…we have been doing this for almost 2 years now…I do not take the things shown lightly and pray as long as I am led….so be blessed our King is coming soon to make things right…Much love your Sister in Christ, Melinda

  10. Dear Melinda- I’m very thankful to you what you shared with us in your comment. If you have any other info given to you by the Lord about Alaska, I’d be so very grateful to hear from you? Please feel free to respond to rickwatkins@yahoo.com . Bless you! rick

  11. Dear Melinda- I’m very thankful to you of what you shared with us in your comment. If you have any other info given to you by the Lord about Alaska, I’d be so very grateful to hear from you? Please feel free to respond to rickwatkins@yahoo.com . Bless you! rick

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