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Aircraft Carrier Sinking Dream – Vincent

Arthur Beaumont; 1946

Aircraft Carrier Sinking Dream

September 20, 2022 6:48 PM
West Covina

I had a brief dream back in early February 2022, that I’ve been withholding until now.

In this dream, I was getting ready for a military deployment.
I knew it was a military draft, and I was included in it.

I asked my Commander when I was to deploy to the battle zone.
I asked- “Am I deploying tomorrow?”
The Commander said “On the Thirteenth.”

Right after this quick conversation, I saw clearly, an aircraft carrier sinking into the ocean.
I saw the waves as it went down.
It looked sort of like the Titanic while it was sinking.

End of dream.

I find my experience as being of importance, based on the current war tensions facing the world right now.

Also, starting late this week, the USS Ronald Reagan will be deploying to Korea for drills.

Other messengers were given visions/words pertaining to that ship as well.

Thank you & Good Blessings!

– Vincent


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