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Airborne Virus

June 15, 2021 3:35 PM

As I was looking at the recent posts on this site an article ‘2 NEW PANDEMICS ARE COMING!!’ by EWM 6.13.21 caught my eye. Reading the post jarred my memory regarding a recent vision I’d had.

On 6.4.21 I was in my bedroom and happened to notice something moving on the wall opposite me. As I stared at the wall I saw what appeared to be an image of the coronavirus that was pinkish/reddish in color inside of a flat white square that was floating in mid-air. As this virus type object floated around it started moving upwards towards the ceiling – which explains my use of the term airborne. I believe I was seeing a flash vision but a longer version of it – like watching a movie clip.

Innately I felt this vision was showing the next phase of the virus – whatever that was. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic apepars to be waning the prophets had said there would be more. In truth the next pandemic sounds much more ominous and more deadly than its predecessor.

May we turn NOW to the Lord Jesus, repent and fall on our knees for what is surely coming.

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