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Age of Accountability – Janet Jones Carpenter

Age of Accountability

Janet Jones Carpenter


Dream 10/09/2019 awoke at 5:01 am

Although, the Lord mainly gives me dreams, sometimes he will give me a vision. Usually, I am made very well aware of the direction in the dreams and visions. This particular dream has a three shifts, change in time or location, in it. While I may or may not understand the meaning of the dreams and visions shared, if it was given, it will be shared.

Please understand I do not wish to gain notoriety, nor do I believe I am better than any other Child of God nor do I profess to be a prophetess. I am simply a Child of God who is trying to share a message I believe is from my Lord and Savior, Yeshua who is also called Jesus. There is great urgency in this late hour for saving the lost. All the mocking received is well worth it if even one soul is saved, even if that soul only be my own.

The Dream

My husband, our three youngest children and I were having a nighttime dinner at an unknown pub like restaurant. We were conversing about various family things. During the conversation, while my husband and children didn’t pay any attention to our surroundings; I noticed all the ungodliness around us and was very uncomfortable. This caused me to want to hurry through dinner to leave.

Dream shifted.

My husband, our three youngest children and I were all standing in my grandmother’s front yard staring at a late afternoon sky. (Note: my grandmother passed away years ago but her home is still owned by my family who live very close to it). The sky was very cloudy, like the beginning of a storm, and the clouds were swirling in a very strange manner. As we were all standing and staring at the sky, a soft pink translucent cloudlike matter quickly swept me up into the sky. I knew it was the rapture and yelled out “Jesus” with excitement. I noticed that my husband and children were not being taken up with me. My heart was very sad over this during the flight up but only for a short moment.

Dream shifted.

Now I found myself standing before what I believed to be Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. Although I was standing before them, I was not allowed to see them. There were misting clouds of light were between us. (Note: this is very different from other times when I was able to see Jesus). We were having a conversation about something I do not remember. I believe it could have been about my sadness during the flight up over those I loved whom were left behind in the tribulation.

Dream shifted.

When the conversation was over, in the blink of an eye, I was placed back with my husband and children. However, I was placed in a different location from where I was previously taken. Before being taken up, I was standing several feet away from my husband and to his left with our youngest two children. Now I was standing beside the oldest of the three children who was to my husband’s right.

The sky was now very dark, stormy and had an electrical feel to it. The whole earth had this negatively charged feeling to it. By this time, my husband and children understood it was the rapture and were very concerned that they had been left behind. They began to ask me questions about what happened.

One of the children asked “why they were left behind?” I answered “you are at an age of accountability.” Another child asked me “what does that mean?” I answered “you are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong.”

Then my husband asked me “where did you go and why did I come back?” I answered “I was taken in the rapture and stood before Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit and had a conversation” “I do not remember the conversation but believe it had to do with my sadness over all of you being left behind during the catching away” “I believe I chose to risk my own eternal happiness to come back to try to save you during the tribulation”.

The dream ended.

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