Adolph Hitler Dream – Loveth Nwokeohuru


Adolph Hitler Dream

October 28, 2020 4:16 PM
Loveth Nwokeohuru

2nd Week Of October

This was a dream I had about 2 weeks ago..I can’t really remember the exact date..because I didn’t write the date down.

I had a dream where I saw Adolph Hitler, and other soldiers, it was a white and black dream.

I saw them preparing for war, arranging their weapons and all that.

Someone was telling me the story of the second world war, how many people died during the war and how everything happened.

It was just a story about what happened in the second world war..

And I had that understanding that something like that is about to repeat itself again.

Preparations were being made, because I saw them cleaning and arranging weapons.

There was a connection between the story and my country Nigeria, I was told that some Nigerians also participated in the second world war.

I was shown a state in the Northern part of Nigeria, Kaduna or Kano..( I have forgotten the particular state, because I didn’t write it down) I don’t understand the connection.

I began to wonder how the second world war was related to my country Nigeria?.

What I think is that maybe the Spirit behind the second world war is about to be unleashed again..and those things that happened in the second world war may happen again, eg.. another world war, persecution of the Jews.

This time around it may not be the Jews alone but Christians too.

It’s like drawing a connection between what has happened before and what would happen in the near by future.

Please let’s take it to God in prayer for a better understanding.


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