“Addictions” – Donna McDonald

By Donna McDonald

Thursday August 24, 2017

Message given to the End Times Prophecy Conference:

These are YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Words from the FATHER spoken by the HOLY SPIRIT. These are HIS Words.

Daughter, deliver this message to the people. Deliver this message to MY children, MY bride, for the hour is late. I am about to pick her up and take her to the heavenlies to reside with ME. MY FATHER is about to give ME the signal to come back for her. I have waited so long for MY bride. I am weeping in anticipation. These are tears of JOY for her and tears of sorrow for those of MY children left behind. This will be a day of mixed emotions for ME, your KING, your BRIDEGROOM, your Handsome KING who has paid a price for your life, the life of MY bride.

These are MY Words and I shall start now:
Children, listen to ME, the hour is late. The hour is late for all of MY children all over the earth. The hour is late because the enemy has risen up. The enemy is a foe that can be seen and is unseen. Every time you hear or see the Ten Commandments being taken down from a town square this is the enemy. Every time you hear of a homeless person being brutally murdered, this is the enemy. Every time you hear of such things as a mother drowning her five children, this is the enemy. The enemy looks different depending on the situation. The enemy has many different forms. He is crafty, he is insignificant in stature and looks innocuous but he is vile and he is ornery and he is set to take you down – to take you down to sheol with him. He is ugly in this manner for he does not take any prisoners for ransom. He never lets those he takes to sheol out of his sight. He takes them down there to torment them for eternity and you need to hear this message now. You need to understand this. There are two choices here–you either choose for ME, your GOD, or you choose for the enemy. There is no in between. You cannot dabble in the world and with worldly things and think that you are going to be taken by ME in the rapture–the greatest rescue mission known to man after MY death and resurrection to save you from your sin. Children, get right with ME.

Some of you have addictions. Some of these addictions are subtle, some of them cannot be seen or detected by others. You know what they are. These addictions can be food, they can be TV or i-pod or they can be a smart phone. Addictions look different to different people but they all look alike to ME. They look like death. There may be more notorious addictions like pornography or drinking alcohol or taking drugs whether they be prescription or recreational type drugs. You know what you are doing that is displeasing to ME and I know what you are doing that is displeasing to ME. Those around you may not have picked up on these habits, these things that keep you from ME.
This is what I say to you. Pursue ME. Get down on your hands and your knees or just your knees or bow your head in your wheelchair–whatever position of submission you can get in–and call out to ME, your GOD. Call out to ME to save you from your habits, your addictions. Call out to ME, now. Call out to ME when you get back to your hotel room or your office or your home or your car and tell me your all–share your all and unload your heart to ME. Do not wait, do it soon, ASAP, for I am a GOD that is waiting for you and the time is about UP.
Now you say, I have been addicted to porn for thirty years. You say, how can GOD deliver me from this? I have been over eating and addicted to food and am 150 pounds overweight. How can GOD deliver me from this? I will tell you how. I am your GOD and I will tell you how you can be delivered from a long standing, many years addiction. This is how. I AM GOD AND I KNOW ALL AND I SEE ALL AND I KNOW YOUR HEART. The enemy wants you to think you are a washed up failure and you have been destined for hell and for failure. I am GOD and I want you to know I am a GOD of REDEMPTION. I specialize in redemption, in redeeming people. When I died on the cross late in that day on the hill of Golgotha I broke through the wall for you. I broke through the wall of unrepentence and death through sin. I did it once and for all for MY children. Do not think your GOD cannot save you from ANYTHING and EVERYTHING no matter how deep seated, no matter how deep rooted it is. I can break through all walls and all barriers to REDEMPTION.
You wonder how I can do this, you say. This is how: I have a direct line to MY FATHER. When you pray I take the Words you pray and the attitude of your heart and I display and share this attitude and this bravery you have for your loved one or your concern to MY FATHER in heaven. HE has HIS Ear attuned to ME. When I pray to HIM HE and I are ONE and We are in communion with One another. We feel the same and we think the same and we desire the same things. I LOVE YOU AND DIED FOR YOU A HORRIBLE DEATH. So don’t you think I would intervene for you in the heavenlies to MY FATHER? Yes, of course I will. I will take every prayer request you have and intervene to MY FATHER for you in heaven. Now, you may not see things turn out for you like you expect. You may not see your prayers answered how you expect them to be. This is because I know ALL and I see ALL. I see everything and I know what is BEST for you but I listen to everything you say to ME. I listen and I intervene to MY FATHER for you. Do not think I do not care, for I do. MY goal for you is to be in heaven for eternity with ME. Do you not think I would not work on your behalf and intervene for you to MY FATHER? Come to ME. Come to ME now. Do not delay. Do not hesitate. I am here for you. Do not delay to come to ME in a FULL SUBMISSION. This own daughter of MINE has listened to ME intervene to MY FATHER in heaven for her own prayer requests. Ask her she shall tell you.
I LOVE YOU. I want you with ME for eternity. Get on you knees, bow down to ME, submit your will to ME now. Tell ME you give ME your ALL. Tell ME your deepest secrets and concerns. I am waiting for you, NOW. I am waiting to hear from you at the next break from the conference, the next time you walk away from your computer to get on your knees and beg and plead for your life and your salvation and your deliverance from this sin life that you are involved in. I do not want MY children who have a heart for ME but are involved in secret sin to be with held from heaven with ME because you did not know what to do about your addiction to sin. Let these people around you, the HOLY SPIRIT filled ones, lay hands on you and pray over you and ask for deliverance from the enemy and call out the name of your sin and that you want to be delivered from it. You do not want to go to hell, do you? You do not want to die in your sin, do you? You do not want to be left behind because of this 30 or 40 or 10 year old addiction to sin, do you? No, you do not. Place this on the top of your schedule now. Place it as a top priority. Tell one of MY anointed servants right now you want to pray with them for deliverance and to give ME a FULL SUBMISSION. I am waiting for you now.
Words of the LORD given to Donna McDonald for the people, timeless.

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