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AC Dream – Roxanne V

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AC Dream

June 23, 2023 5:12 PM
Roxanne V

Dream 5/10/23 – 4am

On a rooftop of a corporate building. Fake grass spread on it, one part covered with sun tarps overhead, but still open air from end to end. The part covered with tarps was like an open office with a man who was either a counselor or chiropractor or some type of doctor. He was an older man with dark skin, in his 70’s with a short gray beard, short white hair. I seemed to know him, but did not recognize him in the dream, but his face reminds me of a movie actor I’ve seen.

He was showing me his new furniture that he purchased for the open air office waiting area. It was contemporary, like teak wood, lounge-style chairs with tight tufted orange cushions on the chair backs and several chairs all in a row.

He worked with blocks of vintage looking wood stacked together. He would hammer them somehow to reveal the therapy needed. On the wood blocks were words written on them like, “truth” and “lies” and he said his last client told lies and he could get it out of his system with his technique or (something like that).

He and his wife came over and his wife sat down with me. They started talking and pulled out a key. They were talking about needing to give a house key to someone trustworthy so they could travel. (Then they left?).

Then Barack H. Obama came and sat next to me trying to be all friendly and cool. He smiled and grabbed my wallet out of my hand and started looking through it. He found a small, credit card shaped combo tool, like a Swiss army tool that had a cutting tool on it. He immediately was fascinated with it and started slowly stroking the sharp tool and opening it in a sinister way.

I asked for my wallet back, suddenly remembering that a note was in there and I needed it back before he could find the note. The note said “Obama is the Anti-Christ”. Then I woke up.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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