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About the antichrist – Steve Holmes

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About the antichrist

February 6, 2023 12:48 AM
Steve Holmes

Feb 5, 2023 Lord, what do you have to say about the antichrist?

“He is very much alive on the earth right now, carrying out his meticulous, Satan-derived plans for mankind. He is a dangerous, deranged, lying liar. He has made a pact with the devil, there is no repentance in him and there is no redeeming him. Dont even bother to pray for him- he is already damned by choice. He is filled with deception, hate and contempt for all that is holy, all I have created and love, and longs to exterminate all of my children out of egotistical spite. He loves power and control when it is his. He is behind much more of the conflict and turmoil of this world than anyone realizes. He lives for the praises and the worship of mortal men. He is corrupt, defiled, base, unyielding, unrelenting, filled with fabrications of his own choosing, a serial liar, unfaithful, unholy, arbitrary in judgment, unrighteous, condescending, seripticious, sneaky, double minded, intolerant, narcissistic, unteachable, proud, homosexual, defiled, contemptible, defiant, rebellious and obsessed with himself. He is a deceiver just as his father the devil is. There is no truth in him and no love of the truth. He has sold his eternal soul into darkness, sin and hell that he might gain a moment of ill gotten tyranical power and control over mankind. He is defiant, untrustworthy, unthankful, unholy, and irredeemable by his own choice. He despises all and thinks of nobody but himself. Everything he does is a self-serving act. His lot is to be cast alive into the lake of fire created for the devil and his angels, which he has freely chosen for himself. He is filled with murder on a genocidal scale that perversely and sadistically thrills him. He is evil incarnate by request and conscious decision, and many are deceived by his act and shall suffer the same fate he does for defying me. He is the most wicked and deceptive man that has ever walked the earth and in the end I shall expose what a treacherous deceiver and powerless imp he really is before me. He is altogether defective in his humanity by choice and I shall not tolerate him and his tyranical demands of obsequious groveling and toadying from others, nor of me: I reign supreme forever. He does not and he never will. My heel was bruised when I crushed Satan’s head of ill-gotten authority based upon lies. This man is lower than Satan, and I shall crush his head of resistance against me to fine powder in the day of my return. Though I love him as part of my father’s creation, he is most vile to me- cold, calculating and ruthless- the most evil of all men. Do not fear him though he chase, persecute and kill you- You are not his but mine and I am perfectly capable of hiding you, protecting you, raising you from the dead or to everlasting life, and I shall if you just continue to walk with me.”
Edit: there’s more:
“nihilistic, perverse, sardonic, cruel, disingenuous, dramatic, insincere, hardened, psychopathic hiding behind sociopathic, sadistic, uncaring, delighting in evil, fraudulent, a lover of death, a slaughterer of innocents and children, including the unborn, truce breaker, and a thief, taking what is not his to take- including lives. There is plenty more where that came from. He has chosen to be the worst human being to ever live: Judas Iscariot was a traitor of one. This one is a traitor to mankind, especially to each one of those who are mine. He knows I am real yet he rejects me in favor of glorifying himself. Vengeance is mine, saith Yahweh, I will repay and never again will any man be given the leeway to do as this one is. He will find that the fires of hell are infinitely hot for eternity on his behalf- a punishment he has willfully and knowingly chosen. He shall receive no mercy at his final judgment or thereafter. Do not weep for his soul nor despair for his judgment. He deserves exactly what he has chosen to suffer and I shall deliver him to it as justice for what he has already done and for his intricately planned evil that he shall perform in the remaining days and years he is allotted. Do not marvel at what he does. Marvel rather that I am a righteous and holy judge who sees all in advance and all that is hidden, and that I am abundant in love and mercy to those who choose to be mine.

Alas, my children, for exceedingly difficult days I have abundantly warned of have begun. Remain in obedience to me and my word. Seek me for everything, including directions for your safety. I am coming for a bride without spot or wrinkle who has been tried, tested and found worthy to be caught away into my presence and so shall she ever be at my side. But the fearful, the unbelieving, the unrepentant and the luke warm in their love and service to me shall be handed over to great tribulation for the days of darkness where they shall be refined and tested even unto death to see whether they love their own lives more than the lives of others, including their love for me. Be zealous and repent of hidden and overt sin, my children.

These sins are serious matters that can and will keep you from my presence, not just now and in the days ahead where you will need me more than you can imagine, but for an eternity filled with endless pain, misery and regret. I chastise those whom I love, so do not think it strange when firey trials come upon you. Have faith in me and my abilities, rest in me and receive the corrections that I bring that you might be fit for entry into my kingdom and standing in my presence. Night comes, beloved. Be carriers of my light in the coming darkness while you can. Endure until the end and I shall be with you in spirit as I have promised as you await my redeeming presence.”

Sayeth Jesus, Yahweh the savior, God Almighty.

2 thessalonians 2

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