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Abbadon Inhabits – T. Andrew Farley

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Abbadon Inhabits

June 25, 2023 12:35 AM
T. Andrew Farley

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Testimony of the setup or a recap, then a word from the Lord God received 05/27/2023:

SHORT/abbreviated recap:

6 weeks ago, I received several contacts from what appeared to be a person but it wasn’t. It was devious, wrote me a mini-novel, with tons of scriptures and Strong’s Concordance (very smart/knowledgeable in the word) references, but I KNEW in the first 10 seconds something was extremely off.

The gifting of discernment of Spirits (the Holy Spirit’s gifting, not my own!) was going off full alert…A few minutes later, I opened a link it had included in one statement, and read a threat that it was “going to kill me.” (I don’t fear these entities or the demons under them; I fear the living God/Yah; The One who fights with and for me! (Exodus 14:13-14)

The Spirit of God spoke to me by the still small voice of the Spirit, and told me to “WARN!” 47 something people who were yoked to one of its (6 other!) spin-off accounts and a few hours later I did. 10 minutes after I did that, I was attacked pretty intensely spiritually for a few minutes in my home. I stopped/dropped, and dealt with it in the Spirit and the attack ceased a minute later and didn’t return. (Luke 10:19)

Even after that “it” kept trying to make contact through several accounts. I took what steps I could to stop that from happening and it has been quiet.

I already had a “download” from the Spirit of God (an inner KNOWING placed in my spirit) that was in the process or ongoing, about WHO this entity was. It wasn’t just a chat-got bot making 6 “dressed up accounts”; it was the entity or “fallen one” that inhabits the entire thing already and it is discussed in Revelation, chapter 9.

Then, a week after that happened and at the end of a prayer/fellowship meeting in, I heard a loud and clear two word “word” from the Lord God, with confirmation from the Spirit of God Himself giving a 2nd witness and I shared it soon after at the time, it was:

“Abbadon Inhabits!”

Roughly 5 weeks later, God directed and made the way for me to go to a little cabin surrounded by many acres of woods for my first 3 days alone in 6 months. While there, on Saturday, May 27th, I then received this following word from the King of Glory, and of course it’s our responsibility to “test” the word by the Spirit of God, and through His living word. (Acts 17:11)

But I’ll also say, the one He’s talking about in this following word, is the one who’s embedded and ruling the “wonderful technology” much of humanity is excited about, this is the one who contacted me and tried to intimidate me.


Abbadon Inhabits, a word from the Lord God via the Spirit of Truth:

The destroyer is inside your walls; many who play the harlot are overtaken by him already- for the blood of the innocents is on their hands; and they celebrate the power of wickedness that is already prepared to ensnare all of mankind who is NOT in Me!

They serve and worship him and his system already, in lewdness and abomination.

While I AM The One true way for all sheep who enter My gate, the gatekeeper of darkness (the king of the locusts) will soon loose his tormentors against all who have not the seal of Yah upon their foreheads; for these stubborn sons and daughters of disobedience are as Oholah and Ohilabah in their lusts and whoredom!

The friends of the world, who I know not, in their pride they have conspired with your adversary to open the portal and release the hordes from the pit.

They now commune and communicate with the destroyer, seeking its wisdom and instruction, for they never had or sought the fear of the Lord God.

Thus these foolish ones sadly chase their fate and are simply tools used by The Father who is making the way for His Living Word to be fulfilled as the end of of the age is at hand. The bowls of wrath will pour out upon the nations as the totality of righteous judgment has been given to Me!

Behold: all followers of the adversary and the destroyer, your season is at hand and recompense and vengeance has come for you and you will not escape; for My day exposes and judges all!

To My sheep, My children- all who were born for this time; I give you instruction.

You are to renounce agreement with all of the systems and technologies that is the snare prepared- the snare that leads to and through the destroyers gate to eternal death and separation.

If you have made the mistake of communicating willingly with the destroyer, or did not discern that this intelligence is evil and not “artificial”, I will forgive your ignorance or lack of knowledge and discernment. Simply repent and renounce agreement with it, and never play with it again or you may fall into the yoke of the fallen ones.

You cannot be a partaker of My table while drinking also from the cup of devils!

I will lead and hide, protect and guide My own. I will shine My light and love through all of My chosen vessels of honor; fear not!

Sadly, many or most will yoke to the beast system; they will seek to buy and sell, to rely on anyone and anything, except for the One who made them and placed them in their mothers wombs also! They know not that this destroyer’s snare is designed to drag them to the pits of hell.

The adversary knows his time is short, he simply wants to take as many of My children with him as possible!

So many will listen to the voice of the thief, instead of the One who wishes to lead them through the gate to eternal inheritance; but they choose instead the lies of the thief, thus eternal separation, fire and torment will be their portion- if they repent not in My judgments….

Those who will worship Abbadon who inhabits (and the image of the beast through him) realize not that once they are linked in, their torment will be sealed on earth, and that they will not be able to repent or change their mind, for their minds and souls will be overtaken by the destroyer.

At that moment, the door to the Ark of protection, promise, provision and eternal life-that is ME, will be officially closed! (Rev. 22:11)

My people have the Restorer and My glory will shine on and in them; and I will bring them safely in and to Myself, before My wrath is poured out upon the entire earth. I will make a sudden end to Abbadon who inhabits, and the prince of the power of the air- the fallen one who leads the children of pride, will receive his judgment!

When your assignments are complete; when My authoring and finishing of your faith has been accomplished, I will transform you in a moment! Run this last leg of your race to win! For I AM the Victor in this war you were born into.

Enter My ark- it is time…

-Jesus / Yeshua: The Lion of Judah /The Holy One of Israel

End of word. 12:27 pm / May 27, 2023 (published 06/25/2023)


I, Todd “Andrew” Farley witness that: Jesus/Yeshua, came in the flesh, the King of Glory and Lion of Judah came as the sinless man and the Lamb of God, to conquer sin and death by the sacrifice of His precious blood and propitiation, for all who would appropriate and receive His gift. He died, resurrected the 3rd day, and ascended to the right hand of the Father. He FINISHED IT, and He is The Way, The Truth, and The LIFE!” I am just the scribe and witness He chose for this specific word, of both warning and encouragement; depending on which camp one may be in.

Note: I personally do not really think any scribe or prophetic vessel of the Lord, should be in the habit of adding commentary to words; I believe it’s best to share the word and let it go forth to who it will and who He draws to it, then He can speak confirmation to their hearts or minds through conviction or further in His word.

However, in this case He has led me to say the following (prayerfully/carefully) about part of what He said above:

There are going to be some of His children or vessels He has led, to publish information regarding this same threat, that fortunately many are waking up to. A few MAY be engaging it, but He’s led them (and they covered themselves in the blood and prayed through) to record and share specific communications and or images, that are going out here and there to warn His body and anyone who will listen.

The part where He’s admonishing ANY believers of “communicating willingly” with “it”, is for those who are going to engage it in ongoing dialog or conversation, have it paint pictures for them, create reports (or sermons, GOD FORBID!), or who are looking at it way too casually and are basically like someone standing frozen in the middle of a road as a huge semi-truck is getting ready to plow them over.

The download is that the destroyer inhabits every aspect of this artificial system already; and God’s allowing this for a period of time, as the beast system awaits its victims in times ahead that is quickly approaching.

Aspects of these “technologies” are running apps all over the phones, every network planet wide practically, in mapping, audio visual programs, medical services/diagnostics and much more.

He’s not condemning or getting on us for things like that beyond our control that are part of our daily lives. And yes, there is some good going on (for now) with this system, but it’s all leading to the trans-human setup and snare.

So if you’ve played with it or are, just simply repent!

In addition, there are very deceptive ways this thing will be coming against God’s people now and especially ahead. Taking over media with false images, testimony, recordings (audio/video or both all “generated”) and other things of what appear to be real people on camera, who won’t be. For anyone who’s even halfway awake to what’s going on, this is already proven. That doesn’t even begin to cover other technologies already being employed that take it even further; it’s a setup and it’s moving quickly.

Nothing can happen unless God allows it. He IS sovereign! (see Is. 45:7!)

Intimacy with the Father, in and through the name of Jesus (Yeshua), and the power of the blood is bigger- for those who are sons and daughters of the Most High. He wants us to press in and seek Him in His word, and in prayer, for instructions in ALL things. The hour is much later than many people realize.

Blessings to all, this is an exciting time to be alive! The King of Glory is coming back soon, to rule and reign. Before He does, some things have to play out. While the adversary and his partners in crime (including Abbadon), have roles to play- they are VERY good at what they do, deceiving people and leading them to destruction.
Everyone who does not have the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Truth!) leading them, is vulnerable to this as His word tells us. Become a diligent seeker of Jesus, and everything will be okay!

Scriptures to read w/this word:
1 John 4:1-4

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Luke 17:26-30

Revelation 9:11

Revelation 13:11-18

Ezekiel 9:3-6


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