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Abandoned Babies

March 7, 2022 7:19 PM

Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I had a few dream over the past year concerning abandoned babies. I am not sure of the interpretation, so if any are given the clarity/ interpretation, feel free to post for the rest of us.

Dream 1:
My 8 year old daughter and I were in a grocery store shopping. All of a sudden, a very ragged, dirty guy in the next isle hurriedly abandoned his baby. The baby was about 1 year old or so. He was blonde and equally as dirty as his Father. I picked him up and immediately started to comfort him and rock him in my arms, saying “sshh, shh, shhhh”. My daughter kept begging to hold him and examine him (this would be her real life reaction). I told her he was scared and she just needed to let Mama calm him for a bit. All of a sudden, as if out of nowhere I had a full bottle of milk and was feeding him. He became sleepy and content. One thing to mention in this dream was that my daughter and I were both clean, calm, and had a shopping cart full of groceries and saw shelves stocked. The disheveled father of the baby however seemed terrified, destitute, hungry and hopeless.

Dream 2:
I was in a waiting room of some kind (perhaps it was a hospital or office of some sort). A young, pretty but very “rough” young woman opened the door to the main entrance. By rough I mean to say, she looked like she lived a hard life (drugs, promiscuity, ect.?). She had a white t shirt that was filthy and her dirty blonde hair was very greasy. I was sitting on a bench and watched her as she pushed a baby stroller through the glass doors. Once she got in and through the doors she just left the stroller, baby and all. I went over to the baby and picked him up. He was very cute and smiled a big, gummy smile at me. However, something was definitely “off” with him. As if he was high on drugs? I immediately felt love and compassion for him but something in me knew I couldn’t help him. I knew I needed to return him to his mother. I found the ladies room where I somehow knew she was and stopped before entering. I prayed over him and begged the Lord to help him. I then opened the door and found the woman sitting on the floor of the bathroom. I told her I brought her back her baby. I cannot remember her response, only that she was also “high” or “off” just like her baby.

I left him with her and exited. I was sad, but knew there was nothing else I could do. EOD.

This doesn’t mean anything to me but a detail about the baby was he was wearing a green and blue plaid jumper. I believe that plaids have different meanings in Scotland/England and perhaps Ireland. They represent different clans or social standing or perhaps military sects? It was the one that is very dark, deep green/navy blue…

Dream 3;
I simply found a baby on the bleachers of a stadium. Somewhere that sports would be played but no one else was there. I cannot remember any of the details of this dream.

Please Seek the Lord🙏
Bless you all Beloveds of God,


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